Monday, July 21, 2008

stranger in your own country

photography | RV ESCAT
You travel every chance you get. The backpack gathers dust not from storage but from endless commute from place to place, island to island. Through the window of the plane, the windshield of the bus or the upper deck of the ship you stare at nothingness and frame the experience. And assure your self that there is much to see and explore.

It started out as a backseat ride to the farm in your childhood that became a wellspring of what you aspire for. In spite of yourself, you plant the sea and the land beyond that. You try to map that world. And build beaches, waves, surf and huts more than streams and mountains.

There was a time when the sea, your ally, betrayed you. You vowed never to travel again in monsoon but ended up tweaking it anyway. Because in your head, in these travels, you are one with yourself and you discover that you can be a stranger in your own country.

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