Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my first published work in Mabuhay Magazine!

Finally, one of my works will see the light of day in the December Issue of Philippine Airline's (PAL) Mabuhay Magazine. WOO-ho! For now, it's a contribution for the funny signages section (NO! Neither the cover photo nor cover story yet, silly! I know. I know. I have to start somewhere, baby) which originally had a going rate of one grand per photo. A lot of money for a single frame! If only I could start pulling together a travel story. (photo lifted from the web)

re: contribution
from: eastgate publishing
to: RV Escatron

Dear RV,
I'm glad to inform you that we will be publishing your photo (Wanted Girlfriend) in our December issue. Kindly take note that we have changed our rates from Php1,000 per photo to Php500 per photo, while for the travel tales we have increased the rate to Php1,000. This is to encourage more people to send travel anecdotes. Cheques will be released one month after publication. I will inform you by then.
Have a good night!
Ira Inquimboy
Editorial Coordinator

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 2:49 PM, RV Escatron <rv_escatron@yahoo dot com> wrote:

Mr. Simeon S. Ventura Jr.
Mabuhay inflight Magazine
Dear Mr. Ventura,
I have attached herewith a contribution for the funny signages section of Mabuhay. The photo was taken in Dumaguete City.
Thank you and kind regards,
Arvin C. Escatron


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What's your two-cents about this travel adventure and/or misadventure? Do leave a comment here. Thank you.