Sunday, November 15, 2009

Philippines to push for "Schengen" type visa

Big Boss, who is not from The Philippines (he got his Investor's Visa from the Philippine Bureau of Immigration in Manila just recently) and who has travelled extensively the world over, complained about the 21 days tourist visa for passport holders of his country. He started to compare how passport holders of his country could enter Thailand and stay for three months without obtaining a visa.

The ASEAN Region is pushing for a "Schengen" type visa in line with the ONE ASEAN Community by 2015. With this news, Big Boss will definitely have a big smile painted on his face.

“This common ASEAN visa is comparable to the Schengen visa being given by European countries where the holders can travel within European Schengen states,” Immigration Commissioner Marcelino Libanan said during an inquirer dot net interview.

Here's more from inquirer dot net:

Libanan said the adoption of a common ASEAN visa would bring huge benefits to its member-countries, particularly in the fields of trade, investments and tourism.

“It’s like a multi-country swing where a traveler can roam freely within ASEAN region. This is in line with the one ASEAN community by the 2015 as envisioned in its charter,” Libanan said.

The Philippines, through the Bureau of Immigration, is hosting the 13th ASEAN Directors-General of Immigration Department and Heads of Consular Division of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs (DGICM) and 5th ASEAN Immigration Intelligence Forum (AIIF) that will formally open Monday.
Held every year, this year’s three-day DGICM meeting will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Makati City where all heads of the immigration and consular departments of the ASEAN will gather for a three-day conference.

DGICM was created when the ASEAN Ministers adopted the ASEAN declaration on transnational crime in December 1997. It was a regional tool to combat transnational crimes.

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