Monday, November 9, 2009

popping my couchsurfing cherry in Viet Nam

Pop! And I never look back since then. This is shameless plugging but yes, my first couchsurfing experience abroad has been a blast so far. Not that I start off in a foreign country with an expat from my country who knows Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) like it's the back of her hand. But it's more on getting into the local vibe  none of the guide books has ever prepared me for. And that makes the big difference!

From Jackie Lou Lozada
Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
 Jul 1
Met in person CouchSurfing Friend,
I met him in Saigon for the first time. RV is very cool, smart, adventurous, open and a hardcore backpacker.hehe. a born traveller..learned some travel tips from him. looking forward to meet him again somewhere somehow. hey,you still owe me your travel stories!!!cant wait...

For Jackie Lou Lozada
 Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
 Jun 30 Met in person Good Friend, Traveled 1 days
Jackie makes Saigon her second home, in between Cebu and the world.
After breakfast in the backpacker's area that is off-De Tham St., she took me to Ben Than Market, then a charge-to-experience ride to the Notre Dame Cathedral & Post Office. WoooOoops! Hehe. And on and on, in many wonderful HCM landmarks. Never a dull moment with her! We had a great time talking about how HCM seems to be like Dumaguete; or Ayala blown into an epic proportion (despite her lack of sleep and hangover).

Such a dedicated woman and ahead of her time; and she knows Saigon like the back of her hand. She is AWESOMENESS spelled out in BIG BOLD letters.
See you in P.I. Jackie! In the meantime, have a wonderful Mekong Delta trip!

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