Monday, February 15, 2010

Bangkok: a City Like No Other

The sight as I cross the Cambodia-Thailand border ripped my heart: rickshaws being pulled by women; my homework about Bangkok left me with the impression that it is much like Manila. To borrow Claire Danes words: " ...a ghastly city which smelled of cockroaches." (which later earned the actress "persona non-grata"; Danes apologized later on). Getting on with Bangkok, its smell and sound, colors and what-not, I can't help but take back what was tucked inside my head.

 The transport system is well organised. I mean the BTS and MRT. Forget about Bangkok Jam. Monstrous traffic is but a staple in every mega city. The streets are clean. Pockets of green are everywhere. The food, from street food to food sold at the floating market, dang! it tasted friggin' good! I am now one with my boss who, before I left for this trip, shamelessly said Thai Cuisine is the best in the world!

And the people! With a ready smile, baby! Thai in every corner are more than willing to help you with directions. Moreover, I've never seen a city (i.e. in SouthEast Asia) so fashion forward. The people, I mean. Practically Thai in every corner, from Khao San to Siam Square, are dressed up like the whole city is one extended runway. Astig!

And of course, where else is the center of Asia's backpacking universe, the jump-off point before hitting the beaches of Thailand or other Asian destinations--Khao San Road. The verve is so infectious round the clock!

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