Thursday, May 13, 2010 deluxe bed (at a cheap hotel price, syempre!)

From the frontrunner of no frills, great value flights comes a hotel with a hostel price.

Holy Brocolli! For as low as Php388++ a night, that's even way cheaper than any bunk beds in hostels around Metro Manila!

Finding a good bed whenever I am in Manila for lay-over had been a hit-or-miss experience for me.  I travel several times a year to the Cordilleras and a Manila stopover is inescapable. Either I find myself in a hostel with complimentary bed bugs and cockroaches or a boutique hotel room and pay the price of comfort and other stuff in the room which I don't really need. I still have to experience though the kind of room that would fit right smack in the novel Tesseract by Alex Garland (for those of you who have read his second novel, set in Manila, you know what I mean).

I've come to know GOHOTEL through word-of-mouth alone. Soon enough, entries about the hotel started appearing in the blogosphere. I wasn't an instant convert. The bloggers were invited by the hotel, therefore they could be biased in their reviews. What I was digging for was a first-person account of someone outside of that circle who has paid and stayed there.

Fast ForwaRD >>>
The moment I opened the door of my room (with the flat screen TV tucked in the wall to my left and two cozy beds lay before me), I said to myself that my quest for that proverbial holy grail of a cheap but comfortable, quality bed amid the chaos and grime of Manila has finally come to an end.

The toilet reeked of ammonia though. The housekeeping staff probably didn't clean it well thinking there wasn't any visible spot on the floor at all. But boy, it had a funky smell!

During that stay, I left my toiletry kit at home. Good thing, there was a complimentary shampoo and soap. That saved me the hassle of going to the lobby and buy them from there. I took a quick, but nevertheless a refreshing shower. A departure from hostel dorm showers where I've to worry if someone is waiting in line. Another plus points are the towels--soft and they smelled fresh.

Since the room is basic, don't expect a closet. There is a rack where you can hang your clothes on. Under the bedside table is the safety deposit box for you stash your passport and other valuables.

I grabbed the fluffy pillow (chiropractic high-quality hypoallergenic fiberfill) and stretched on the bed a bit and dozed off. When I woke up, I was famished already. Food choices here are plenty. One outlet is near the reception desk and another is just outside. Or if you'd like more, Cybergate Mall beside the hotel has a lot to offer. I fancied a Japanese bento meal and ran to the food court at the top floor of the mall and had my fill for less than Php200.00!

My flight would leave at 6AM the next day and I reckoned it would be difficult to hail a cab very early in the morning. Good thing, the hotel has a taxi desk. I reserved for a 4AM trip (drop-off to the airport is Php400.00 for the sedan and Php600.00 for the mini-van).

I've stayed several times at this hotel already, and it's kind of grows on you. It isn't homey, alright. And the design is generic. But one thing I'm very happy about? I feel secure, my sleep is uninterrupted, my back happy and my pocket has never had any complaints since.

That said, GOHOTEL is indeed a new, fun and affordable way to catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs between flights, between the airport and skip trips to Luzon or shopping or dipping our fingers in the pot of local colors and flavors peculiar of Manila.

Pretty soon, budget-conscious travelers like you (maybe) and I (certainly!) will enjoy the same experience in Go Hotels PH Ilocos Norte, Dumaguete, Tacloban and Palawan.

From the hotel's website:
8 smart reasons to choose Go Hotel PH

                                 1. quality beds

                                 2. rain shower

                                            3. LCD TV

                                             4. Wi-Fi access
                                                                   5. safe and secure
                                                  6. convenient location
                                          7. access to transport
                                                        8. fun and friendly

Cheap Thrills
Php388++ room

Location. Location.
Go Hotels PH is located in Cybergate Plaza next to Robinsons Forum Mall (EDSA cor. Pioneer St.), 10 minute walk from MRT Boni Avenue Station. (If you're coming from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, take the shuttle departing from the exit gates of NAIA and alight near MRT-LRT EDSA Station. Boni Avenue is 5 stations away.) Makati, Ortigas and provincial bus terminals are easily accessible.

Watch out for new in:
  1. Ilocos Norte – A prime tourist destination in the North, the entire province is like a feast for the eyes with its impressive historic churches, vast mountain ridges, sand dunes, and the famous Pagudpud beach.
  2. Dumaguete – While dubbed as “The City of Gentle People”, Dumaguete is known as an adventure hotspot, mainly due to Apo Island and Sumilon Island, two of the best dive sites in the country. The city also boasts of a vibrant nightlife.
  3. Tacloban – Several cultural and historical sites, white sand beaches, and commercial areas await you in Tacloban City. Just 10 minutes from downtown Tacloban is the Philippines’ longest bridge, San Juanico Bridge.
  4. Palawan – One of the most popular beach destinations in the Philippines, Palawan is a place of mesmerizing summer sunsets and long sparkling shores that have enamored locals and foreigners alike.

Book Early
Like cebupacific air, the earlier you book, the cheaper the rates are.

For bookings, whack this link to gohotels dot ph site or give them a call at 0922-GOHOTEL (that's 0922-4646835) and/or (02) 3988788. Tell the guys at reservations RV (yes. that's me, baby!) gave you the referral so you can get a FREE hotel room on your second night (just kidding!).

Locals and foreigners, budget travelers in The Philippines, mga balikbayans and everyone in between! Book na ta!

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  1. we now have better and way cheaper options for hotel in manila! yohooo! cheers!

  2. 生活總是起起伏伏,心情要保持快樂才好哦!! ........................................

  3. Thanks Robinson's Group. You are a great contribution to the Filipinos in general.....!!!

    Please think of more concept like this.... and thanks too for the cheap air fare with Cebu Pacific...

  4. I stumbled upon a blog that was also about gohotels and one of the comments was that their phone numbers are not functioning. I do not know if this was already addressed by the management of gohotels.

    cheap hotel rates

  5. dude, the rain shower was not working in my room. plus, walang closet. but i love the rest about the place.

  6. @ allseasonshotel: i've never tried calling the numbers yet but it should be up and running by this time

    @ the philippine guild: oh, i see. its very basic actually. the chic and minimalist interior compensates for the lack of closet :)

    in any case, it's still a good value for money

  7. There are several reasons why hostels are better than hotels, in many cases.

    Pousadas em Arraial Do Cabo

  8. i don't think it's the best value hotel (as they claimed) you can find in the metro today, i can vouch for that..

    see, i booked a room recently for my cousin who's coming for a short vacation here from HK. i was surprised that i had to pay the whole cost of her stay outright if i want to make a reservation, other hotels charge only 10% downpayment or just the first night as the case maybe. then this makes worse, if for any reason that i would like to cancel/change the reservation of my cousin, say, her travel date has been moved or she opted to stay shorter than what i have reserved, she will be charged 500/night/room, how's that? we already paid in advance yet we'll still be charged if she made any changes.

    i also asked if she can check in early like 11AM or 12PM if there's already a room available (which is allowed even in big hotels) since standard check in is at 2PM but i was told that she has to pay 995 for that, imagine just a small favor (a couple of hours) i asked and they're after your money.

    the way it goes, it's no other good to its sister company - cebupacific, where everything is being charged from your baggage to your preferred seat.

  9. @anonymous, as you know, i am in no way connected with gohotel. if i may suggest, you forward this issue to the proper channel which is gohotel management for a prompt feedback. thank you.

  10. Like like! The place is very nice. Ganda ng place sa murang halaga. Pang Juan talaga.

  11. The place is very nice. Super clean. And the interior are all modern. Very recommendable!

  12. Come on! the price is very nakakagulat. budget hotel talaga... they also have in diff place sa pinas.. Thumbs up

  13. Its amazing. I search for the photos of the place and very cool. Parang condo na ang dati. Very refreshing ang concept ng designs.

  14. Love it. Thumbs up! Its really for pinoy. Npakabudget friendly lang talaga... Ayos!

  15. Very impressive. Pang mayaman ang ganda!

  16. Na try ko na din ang go hotels at maganda ang serbisyo nila. Galing akong dubai nun at ng checkin muna ako sa pioneer cybergate 2 bago ako umuwi ng bicol. Isa sa pinaka responsable at magandang hotel dito sa manila. Feels like I was in Marine Blue condo in singapore. in addition to that, the people there are so approachable even my fellow accomodators. :}


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