Tuesday, June 15, 2010

gone for another long weekend!

So, guess where will I be by sunset on Thursday this week?

photo lifted from this site >>>>

I won't be gone because it's another holiday, no. It's mainly work. Time and again, my job (I don't exactly call this a job) sits side by side with its alter-ego called leisure in such a disarming way. So, going back to the clues, I'm posting here another photo. The cross off-center  is such a dead giveaway!

photo lifted from this site >>>

So, where would I be?
If you haven't got the slightest idea yet, just continue.

To catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs in the four nights I'll be there, I will be holed up in a tree house much like Peter Pan's, replete with ropes, trees (actually most sleeping quarters are built around a century-old acacia tree) and creative spirits roam free, sans the pirates, ticking crocodile and bumble bee (was there a bee?). But we'll see.

From the ecolodge's website, I gathered that its vision is to nurture creative ecological space for cultural and spiritual refreshment that can create happy memories and bring positive change to the self, community, travellers and the environment.

Here's more:
"Enigmata Treehouse Ecolodge has private natural spaces for travellers to stay.  Also get a chance to meet new people with Backpackers’ dormitory for an experience of shared communal living.  
We welcome you to our newly transformed wide open space Balay Kalipay Peace Library Cafe with support from Imagine Peace. The second level is an open space platform perfect for workshops and functions.  Find the GANDA Art Galeri right below it."    

Here are photos I got from its website:

And look! There's more. 
Isn't this lovely? Those recycled bottles! Such a work of art, I must say!

And like the last time I was there, my futon will be right smack above this part of the lodge. The way up is through that flight of stair you can see in the middle of the photo:

The weekend holds so much to set my muse and duwendes free!
Now, if you know where am I heading, tell me.


  1. oh wow, camiguin! i'm greeeen with envy!

  2. hahaha. yes. camiguin. i hope the weather won't throw a fit this week:)

    thanks for stopping by Gay~


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