Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Batanes on a Shoestring: from to domestic airport

It's day one! Departure day!

early edition photo: time-warped Chavayan Village
early edition photo: a cafe in Basco town
early edition photo: local souvenir + thrift shop in Basco town

early edition photo: biking around Batanes
early edition photo: Valugan Beach

This trip to the northernmost province of The Philippines took ...
15 years to plan,
4 months to trim and
7 days to really, really execute (and yes, 2 months to save the moola)!

I 'm not really OC when it comes to travel itinerary but if we are talking about a dream holiday that took its shape in the last 15 years, mother father! That's another story.

I've been up since the small hours. The excitement is undeniably building-up every tick-tock. Since my flight to Batanes leaves at 6ish in the morning, I should get going by 2:30am. (travel tip: Taxi is hard to come by near GoHotel.PH during the wee hours, so it is wise to book the ride the night before. The taxi counter is behind the lift. Flat rate of Php400.00).

up and about at the Old Manila Domestic Airport
It's been a while since I set foot at the Old Manila Domestic Terminal. Nothing much has changed except the sanitized look (painted white all over).

After the routine security check, check-in procedures and two hours to kill at the pre-departure area, it's boarding time!
Southeast Asian Airlines Dornier plane that will take me to Batanes

next: the flight to Batanes, home-stay and island tour on a rented motorcycle

SEAIR reservations can be reached at 8490100. 

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