Sunday, November 21, 2010

cool Team Manila tourism posters!

I'm no expert at style but I can tell a good one when I see one. 

It was three years ago when Team Manila's iconic shirt (with national hero Jose Rizal wearing shades) started appearing in my favorite clothing outlet in Cebu. I couldn't resist so I got one for myself. The hip design never failed to WOW! my friends (even strangers that I just met). And yes, it was also a good conversation piece.

Early this year, the same group brought us totally cool graphic designs of Intramuros and other local destinations. Now, from the same cool group comes a set of posters promoting local tourism! How cool can one possibly get? 

Promote LocalTourism

copyrights of  photos here all belong to Team Manila.

"Team Manila is influenced by anything and everything they see. From street vendors to a great piece of art, they draw inspiration from the mundane to the extraordinary. Most of Team Manila's designs incorporate iconic images of everyday Filipino life, like jeepneys and common street food. Their work can also be described as modern, with a fusion of formats like illustration and typography; and always with an edge and character."--wikipedia

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