Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DoT rebranding (and the plot thickens...)

I thought the burning issue last week would die down as soon as Campaigns and Grey and the Philippine Department of Tourism made their public statements last Friday.

But somebody let one cat out of the bag! Here's what I stumbled upon in facebook.

"It all began as a very simple event. A launch invitation was sent, people went and the media did their job covering. But what began as a simple launch of a government project turned out to be another scratch in a the foible that seems to be the Aquino administration.

The Pilipinas Kay Ganda program is now officially on the backburner. What with all the criticism and foolishness attached to a project that seemed so innocent at first. Accusations have flown, apologies have been made, what can go further wrong one may ask?

Well this photo capture may say it all. After all, they did say they almost spent nothing on the foolish project. But here, we see a receipt that says P3.775,355 pesos and ponly for the launch itself. The other costs have not yet been computed by us or them."-- Ira Panganiban

Be the judge!

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