Monday, November 29, 2010

Marijuana for Tourists

WeedpotMary Janegrassherbdopeschwag, buddha or bud and reefer, are among the many other nicknames for marijuana or cannabis as a drug.

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Through the grapevine, I've heard that one of the reasons backpackers visit Sagada is joint--the cigarette form of cannabis or marijuana. The location and balmy weather of the town--the main draw for many travelers--are ideal for growing the cannabis plant.

In Baguio and Cebu, Philippines, they come in brownies form. In Varanasi, India, they come in bhang milkshake. In Siem Reap, Cambodia in happy pizza (though many would argue that they use a certain variety of mushroom instead of marijuana. 

In The Philippines and elsewhere, cultivation, possession or transfer of marijuana is illegal. The punishment for possession, use of, or trafficking is jail sentence. In some countries: death. As of this writing, medical cannabis still remains a controversial issue worldwide. 

In The Netherlands, where possession and consumption in small amounts are tolerated, cannabis can be purchased in special shops called "coffeeshops" if one is aged 18 years old and above. Take note of the words: it is illegal but tolerated. This is one of the reasons tourists come in droves to Rotterdam and/or Amsterdam. 

But earlier this week, the Dutch government is moving forward with plans to ban tourists from "coffeshops" that sell and permit pot smoking:
"The Dutch government is moving forward with plans to ban tourists from “coffee shops” that sell marijuana and permit pot smoking. Such cafes are popular among tourists throughout the country but especially in Amsterdam, where tourism officials worry that the ban will reduce the number of visitors to the city." --more here >>>
What are your thoughts on this?

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