Saturday, November 6, 2010

Overnight in Sagada (and if sex is yoghurt, this must be it!)

If the town smells of pine and the clouds hang low, chances are, it must be heaven or at the very least, Sagada!

I arrived during the slack month of August. That said, all other travelers where nowhere to be found. The inn where I holed-up (frequented by backpackers for its laid-back character, homey-feel and reasonably priced rooms; no fireplace though) was practically empty!

The first time I was in Sagada during a Labor Day weekend, I was all agog to shove one bowl of the well-praised (high, lofty and mighty in food heaven as reviewed by foodies and trying-hard foodies alike) home-made yoghurt down my throat!

Bummer! Yoghurt House was filled to the rafters that time so I ended picking up myself in Lemon Pie House down the road. Not that bad. I never had the chance to redeem myself the next day since I left Sagada in a rush to keep up with a schedule.

It appeared to me luck hadn't picked up since! During my second visit, I still found myself at the end of the dark main drag at seven in the evening but with all the restos/cafes closed because during the lean season, they closed friggin' early!

Next day would be hit or miss! The door of the resto was closed. Saved for the sign that said "open." Nobody else was inside except the well-known Frenchman who hosts buffet dinner each Saturday (for a fee, of course) and the cafe owner and her assistant.Without skipping a bit, I ordered the Yoghurt Specialty (yoghurt topped with banana, strawberry preserves and granola; Php85.00). In no time, my yoghurt was served. Drumroll please....(include the choir of angels and spotlight as well)


photo lifted from this site


If sex is food, 
then it must be that kind of yoghurt! 

Sinfully delicious. 

After a way, way, way much delayed gratification, I had my fill and finally hollered to no one "f*&^%*!"

It tasted friggin' good!
Enough of superlatives. I don't get paid for this! Thank you very much.

And by the way, this is my alter-ego blogging.

I stayed at number thirteen. Just in case you wanna know :)