Friday, November 19, 2010

WOW! kay ganda (the botched tourism campaign)

The new tourism campaign is an epic fail. Let's face it.

what's this, a morning show?!
At a Pinoy travel bloggers forum (it's a by-invitation-only; in a networking site) that I've joined lately, everyone is not favorable with the re-brand. I'd love to reprint the comments here but the forum is private and I want to keep it that way.

First came the slogan which received the first major flak. "Pilipinas Kay Ganda (Philippines What a Beauty). Critics believed it lacked the punch. Not only social networking sites like twitter and facebook that are all abuzz but congress and senate as well! It's all in the news and it's all beginning to look like a circus!

After just a day, the guys at the tourism department ditched the website (which had a very similar site which is a porn site!). I wonder how much taxpayers money went down with the ass-wipe on this campaign!

Now, here comes the second punch. The logo. What it lacked in punch during the launch, it made up for a punch in the neurons. As the feisty Sen. Santiago would say “Let’s think of something else. Let’s start some neurons in our brains working. [The tourism officials’] neurons are not working. They’re not on full eight cylinders ... [just] two cylinders,” 

I'd like to believe that the artist or whoever hatched the idea of the logo got inspiration from the Polish logo. But look at the fonts, the waves and the  tree! It's friggin' too much of a coincidence!

What's your take on the logo?

In the meantime, I'd like to find this book under the tree this Christmas:
When Bad Press Is Good News. The Surprising Benefits of Negative Campaign Coverage. Barry C. Burden. Harvard University Press.  

So, where did the P200 MILLION taxpayer's money go, DoT?


  1. epic fail, this campaign. i want WOW Philippines back--the slogan, the logo, the tv commercials, everything. that one was truly well-thought out

  2. hi Flo! i hope the guys at DoT will hit the high notes in their second attempt on the campaign :D


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