Tuesday, December 7, 2010

selling kidneys, travel addiction and other metaphors

photo lifted from here
Traveling made me understand better sex maniacs, drug addicts and serial killers on rehab. Not that I have met any of them in any of my trips. Somehow, it's a metaphor on what I believe is my bout of compulsive travel syndrome--the idea of getting restless, itchy feet and what-not if I stayed in one place for long and would do anything to satisfy it by grabbing my daypack and hop on a random bus.

On a serious note, traveling, I have realized, gave me balance. And yes, the irony is I feel grounded and at home whenever I travel.

I sold my kidney to finance my backpacking trips abroad! Just kidding.

If packing up months before a trip and getting prepped-up 5 hours before departure are any indication, I'd have to say that I discovered such passion rather at an early age. But kids look forward to adventures! I guess such passion for me was pretty normal, except that early on, there were a lot of times when I would just walk the length of a dirt road (and got bitten by stray dogs 3 times already during primary school), scale the heights of dense hills and pick wild guavas by my lonesome.


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