Tuesday, January 11, 2011

bluelist: 11 places to visit in 2011

2011 is now rolling on its third week! 

Today is 1-11-11 or January 11, 2011
An auspicious day, it appears to be!

For some reasons, probably a good year to set sail to distant shores. Don't ask me why.
So, today, i'll list down the 11 places I want to visit this year 2011 (domestic or otherwise).
It's eleven on eleven (11-on-11)!

11. Bali, Indonesia
I scored a dirt-cheap ticket (actually ZERO fares) to Bali and back during the airasia seat sale a year ago. So, early this year, I will immerse myself in the culture, architecture, local color and flavor of the island of the gods. Read: Ubud.

I really haven't thought long and hard about which new places to visit this year.
Plucking out from a jumbled list of places to visit floating inside my head, here they are:

10. Universal Studios Singapore. By default since I will be stopping by Singapore on my way to Bali
The rest, I still have to find good reasons why I should visit them (and more good reasons why I should save more to finance the trip!)

9.  India (less hassle na with visa-on-arrival for Pinoys)

8. France (tempting! with airasia's promo fares!)

7. Caramoan (travelers seem to be all agog about this island group)

6. Palawan (especially Culion, El Nido and Calauit)

5. Vigan (I have this thing about UNESCO World Heritage Sites)

4. xxx still thinking xxx
3. xxx do xxx
2. xxx do xxx
1. Tubbattaha! (surely will cost an arm and a leg and probably a lifetime!)

  Here's wishing in the year of the rabbit, prosperity will embrace me a hundred folds (and will be effing like rabbits)!


  1. Bali, specially Ubud is gorgeous! I'm sure you'd enjoy it there :D

  2. thanks Nina. yes, i've heard the beauty of Ubud. the art scene. the culture. i can't wait to get lost in Ubud, Bali soon!

  3. come to bacolod in october for the masskara festival


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