Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year! New Office! and Salary Increase!

Girlfriend stormed the universe for me. I bet she is lakas since just a few hours earlier, her prayers (in my behalf) were answered! Good heavens! After what seemed like ages, finally, it's beginning to take shape.

But first, let me share that I have moved already to a new office. I can proudly say that I did the planning, design and execution of the whole space and all the stuff in it. Since the workplace espouses creativity, I want to achieve the same ambience like Noriter Cafe. Young. Creative. Wild but restraint. But with a meager budget, I had to make do with what was available. So, I got knick knacks here and there.

This is probably borne out of frustration to be an architect, furniture designer or to work in a multinational advertising agency! The closest I got was architectural drafting and below-the-line advertising.  

Meanwhile, I had a meeting with big boss earlier. After all the important matters were discussed, he floated the idea of a raise! Let's just say that I'm lucky to work for somebody who exceeds my expectations. He is actually well-known and highly respected back in his home country but remains low-key and humble.

So there. To make the story short, I'll get an increase (without having to negotiate for it). I just hope it will fall within what I've been expecting. (Hopefully with more dough, I'll have more savings this year for more travels and also to send younger sister to her final year in college.) I'd have to say that all my efforts paid off. And I heard from somewhere that big boss is actually going to give me and my colleague special gifts next week! I want a Vespa!

What a happy start of the year!


  1. nice! new office new beginnings din! sarap din ng new raise! maybe this year will also be lucky for me. galeng RV!

  2. I want a Vespa too! Haha! Congrats! And about sending your sis to college, aww... kaka-melt naman :) I know so well how it feels like working for the family. Such an achievement.

  3. COngratulations RV, you're starting the year already with a lot of positive things going on with you. Cheers!

  4. @ ed: it's the year of the rabbit, Ed! looks like opportunities will be effing like rabbits, too! be lucky!

    @ claire: cheers Claire! and you ended 2010 and started 2011 traveling! that's pure awesomeness! happy travels. be safe.

  5. @ gay: VESPA! now na! hehehe
    after all these years, ngayon pa ata na melt heart ko. this year pa lang kasi ako mag start sending my sis to college. at senior year na siya! hehe


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