Sunday, March 27, 2011

greets from island of the gods!

I arrived here from Cebu via Singapore.

Religion is deeply anchored in the way of life here. If the elaborate gates of temples and residences are any indication, then I am off to a charming and distinctly Balinese cultural adventure.

In the hostel, smell of ginger and spring onions sauteed in butter wafted through the air that late afternoon. Across the street, the altar by the roadside is filled with food and flower offerings made earlier that day.

Art. The art of sleeping in the island of the gods.

Summer here is intense and perpetual, much like Dumaguete in the Philippines. So for today and tomorrow, while the sun is up, I will cocoon myself in the hostel room with the AC in arctic blast and catch up on sleeping. Bali will be my home in the next couple of weeks. Art scene in Ubud, culinary adventure in Legian and probably a bit of surfing in Kuta are some of the items in my tick list.

For now, the rhythm of Ubud is calling even in my sleep.

*Airphilexpress Cebu-Singapore seat sale at Php3,000.00 (round-trip) was still very hefty compared to  the Php0.00 fare I scored in the AirAsia Singapore-Bali vice-versa zero fare promo.


  1. Couple of weeks? Wow! I'd love to know your budget for that trip. :)

  2. nice picture, I'm planning to travel in Indonesia this year if my work schedule permits me. I hope you can share your day to day travel itinerary and any tips for affordable place to stay.thank you so safe and enjoy your trip!

  3. Wow, WEEKS! We're jealous!:-)

    Indonesia is near from where we are Mindanao, it's just sad that there are no direct flights from here. But we heard of a cruise ship that plies Sarangani and Manado, Indonesia. Will look more into it.

    Have a safe and fun travels. Looking forward to your adventures!

  4. How I wish I can have the luxury of time and other resources to have a travel in Indonesia like what you have had done. Am sure you enjoyed the trip.


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