Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kabulakan Festival 2011 brings my groove back!

For some weird (?) reasons, my pursuit in photography was drowned, rock bottom (so gone, so dead. as in patay na, dedbol, double dead) at the tail-end of summer three years ago. As one theory would have it: my Muse committed harakiri and left me licking my own wound. Ouch!

Fast forward >>> I'm in the middle of a road choked to foot traffic in downtown Dumaguete with a hundred and fifty pesos in my pocket and a word in my head. Inside, the word loops and loops like last song syndrome: wabi-sabi. My thoughts are beginning to drown in the beat of the drums and my pores beginning to rupture under the three o'clock sun.

It's been four days since that word was shoved and snugged right in the tonsils of my head (seriously, I can't imagine a tonsil in my head! hahaha). Beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete--wabi-sabi. So, here I am in an ocean of strangers whose bodies smell like salt and onions (which will also be my smell in a few minutes).

I'm here to resuscitate whatever is left in my fish eye and see the world through my innate wabi-sabi. I'm glad, I came.

Though I'm brushing-up quick on square one, I couldn't complain. I have to start somewhere. Hopefully soon, I'll meet that balyena (of a talent) of a mentor the universe has prepared for me. For now, I'm setting my sights on the most preferred editing software. Whatever that is, I'd have to figure that out (because I'm using Picasa now! And that's like grade one alugbati in editing! haha)

These photos were taken this afternoon during the annual Kabulakan Festival in Dumaguete. Bulak in Bisaya means flower. Pardon my ignorance about it's purpose aside from drawing tourists in droves but I'd like to believe this festival coincides with Flores de Mayo. 

this post is paid for by my own wallet. haha

Php12.00   tricycle fare Valencia-Dumaguete
Php15.00   bottled water
Php110.00  500g nestle yoghurt, strawberry
Php 00.00  tissue paper in bethel guest house toilet
Php00.00   toilet usage fee in bethel guest house
Php12.00   jeepney fare Dumaguete-Valencia

my lifesavers:
canon d1000
canon zoom lens EF 70-210mm 1:4
In the meantime, here's the schedule of activities. Looks like it's a month-long event with the theme: “Kabulakan Festival: Nagpakabana ug Nag-amping sa Bahandi sa Kinaiyahan.” Loosely translated to English... I don't know. Help! hahaha

5th Kabulakan Festival Calendar of Events
3 Tue Opening of Kabulakan Festival
Kiosk Area, Quezon Park
3PM Holy Mass Launching of Rizal Blvd. Beautification
Launching of Hardin sa Barangay
Declaration of Kabulakan Festival Open
4PM. Kiosk Area, Quezon Park
6 Fri “Tocino Republic” A Tocino Festival
Sta. Catalina St., Dumaguete City
6PM – 12MN
7 Sat Flower Arrangement Competition
2PM, Robinson’s Place Atrium
8 Sun “Tocino Republic” A Tocino Festival
Sta. Catalina St., Dumaguete City
6PM – 12MN
13 Tue
14 Sat
15 Sun
Kabulakan Food Festival
6PM – 12MN, Quezon Park Ballfield
Kabulakan Bazaar
Quezon Park
18 Wed
19 Thu
Agro Fair & Lectures on Climate Change, and Preservation of the Environment
8AM – 5PM, Kiosk Area, Quezon Park
City Agriculture Office
20 Fri
Kabulakan Food Festival
6PM – 12MN, Quezon Park Ballfield
Kabulakan Bazaar
Quezon Park
Kasalang Filipino sa Dumaguete
Maanyag na Mugna
Robinson’s Place
21 Sat Kabulakan Festival
4PM, Street dancing
6PM, Showdown
22 Sun Photo Contest
(Based on the Festival Them) organized by the
Neg. Or. Photographers Association
Robinsons Place Atrium National Karatedo Championship
Robinson’s Place
23 -28 Mon/Sat Barangay & School Tree Planting

So there. I only have one piso to buy somebody I can speak with nga tarung!


  1. Maganda rin ang kinalabasan ng Picassa edited pics mo ah, I had used Picassa for quite sometime, wala kasing watermarking features yung free bundled editing software ng Canon.

  2. Awesome pictures! P150 for a day in Dumaguete, not bad. I'm kinda interested with that tocino festival haha, 'coz it's my favorite.

  3. A very colorful and wonderful festival with a very nice photos. :-).


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