Saturday, May 7, 2011

Singapore swing, Bali swig

Singapore Swing!

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2
W and I arrived in Singapore yesterday morning. And as always, Singapore's Changi Airport is a destination in itself. I would have loved to linger and get lost in the vastness of Terminal 2, but our bags had been checked-in (15-kilo baggage allowance per person with Airphil Express!), so we must get past the immigration procedures in record time and pick our bags at the conveyor belt.

Lots of people that morning! Probably 5 airbus planes arrived 5 minutes apart. LOL. The queue at the immigration counter was rather long but the guy behind the counter did his job swiftly. In no time, it was my turn already. Welcome to first-world efficiency! I got my passport and left with a couple of candies*

Eighteen Singapore dollars (Php625.00) and 15 minutes later, we were in the doorstep of the hotel already where we would spend the night before we fly to Bali the next day. The taxi cabs in Singapore are very efficient, issue receipts and the legroom? SPACIOUS! W loves and hates Singapore to a fault and I caught the verve. Its her nth time while its my second.

The hotel (W booked thru months before) is located in the colorful and seedy district of Singapore--Geylang. And to complete the Geylang experience, our hotel room windows offer a vantage point to a brothel across the street or lorong. Looking from the window is a short story in itself. But the district's reputation simply doesn't end there! On a delicious note, Geylang is a street foodie's mecca! On the ground floor of the colorful shophouses that lined up the long stretch of Geylang are small restaurants. The food choices speak of Singapore's multicultural heritage. There's even a Filipino fried chicken! I skipped that in favor of laksa and nasi goreng!

This morning, we arrived in the airport too early for our flight to Bali. Upon entering, an airport ground staff met us with a smile and asked for our destination. With her iPad in hand, she informed us that our check-in time is still an hour ahead. With small talk, we soon found out that she is from Manila and has been working with Changi Airport for sometime already.

Zero fare but business class! The whole row. All to myself.
Three hours later, W and I were at 10,000 feet and two-hours to Bali. The whole row behind me was vacant. So, I practically owned the three seats. I lifted the armrests and stretched my body for the whole duration of the flight.

Bali Swig! (pocari sweat, anyone?)

The plane touched down at 3PM. As soon as I got off the plane, the biting heat of summer greeted me. Intense like the eternal afternoons in Dumaguete. We had to take the bus to the arrival area. The arrival hall was bursting at the seams. For Filipinos, there's no need for visa since Indonesia is an ASEAN-member country. So, we got straight to the line at the edge of the hall and in 20-minutes cleared immigration and was met again with another hall still bursting with a lot of passengers! We got our bags, passed another X-ray, turned right as soon as we got out of the hall and looked for the airport taxi window. To save us time, I already researched about the rates from the airport to our hotel. I need to gulp one bottle of pocari sweat. Now!

The Bali Airport taxi rates here served as my guide:

Taxi rates from Bali Airport to elsewhere

*Singapore Airport is a freeloaders mecca! Freebies are scattered everywhere and you don't have to line up to have them. Well, sort of. FREE internet (wifi connection and desktop use), foot massage (machine), video games, 3D cinema, souvenir photos, mobile phone charger and candies in every immigration and information counter. The list seem endless! If you come to think of it, these aren't really free. Airport tax in Singapore is automatically included each time you buy an onward ticket out of Singapore. Nevertheless, it's a delight to have all these! 


  1. hi!nice post.i'd like to ask what's the name of your hotel?thanks!

  2. I would have to admit Geylang is a destination in itself. It's a foodie's mecca and the interesting human aquariums were a sight to behold ;)

  3. @ claire: i have to see that human aquarium yet. heard so muchb about that! hahaha

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