Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zubuchon lechon

For the uninitiated, Cebu is best known for her lechon. Not that I am being patronizing but kapag lechon na ang pinag-uusapan gayud, wala nang tatalo pa sa lechon ng Cebu mga inday at dodong.  

my iba (kamias) shake while waiting for the meet-up to start. photography | RV ESCATRON

The location of Zubuchon is partly hidden from the street but the logo of a red, giddy and seemingly happy pig is hard to miss. By the front door, a friendly waitstaff greeted me and then accommodated my request to reserve two tables near the entrance. I arrived ahead of everyone, got seated by my lonesome and just observed how things were inside the restaurant. There was something about the sleek interior that I love. Maybe it's the Ikea design to it. The chairs look really cool! The lighting, ambient. The kitchen design, open-type so one sees what's going on. The menu (black) board looks artsy. I arrived at 6pm and noticed that most customers were getting the take-away. The other side of the room had had a group of eight people and a couple of tables to my right were occupied

Zubuchon fast meal

I've heard good reviews about the iba (kamias) shake and ordered one. In no time, I was slurping the sweet sour goodness of kamias. The drink as a new twist to the lowly fruit I have back home was something new and I was immediately sold out to the idea and taste.

I must have waited long enough (for my ka meeting to arrive) to finish a chapter in a book that I brought along with me when one of the charming lady staff passed by my table and asked me okay ka lang dyan, sir? I, being used to the snooty, cold if not mechanical air of the staff in many quick-service restaurants, was taken aback but truly impressed and delighted with the brand of service they have at Zubuchon.

good food. good price.
This would be my first time to meet anyone from the online community called Pinoy Travel Bloggers founded by First to arrive was Monette of We exchanged pleasantries and as the night wore on, our talk revolved around travels and food. We both ordered Zubuchon fastmeal. 

Unlike the Manila-style lechon which relies mostly on the sarsa (a kind of sauce) for the flavorful kick, Cebu's lechon is known to derive its flavor and aroma from the herbs na nanuot-suot in the meat during the roasting process. The skin, being the star of the show in every lechon dining experience has to be crispy. Otherwise, forget it. The lechon simply goes straight to the pot para magiging paksiw (stew).

For Php120.00, Zubuchon fastmeal comes with rice and pickles. I forked the skin which I've heard was rubbed with olive oil before being roasted to achieve a certain crunchy goodness that simply melts in your mouth. And it sure did! It didn't have the usual crispiness of the lechon that I'm used to but it sure made up for it with its melt in the mouth perfection. The meat was tender but it tasted a bit on the bland side so I dipped it in the pinakurat vinegar. I was looking for a certain salty kick and hints of herbs and spices. My reference being from another lechon I've grown to love.

Over-all, dining at Zubuchon was a very pleasant experience. Should I nurture some gourmet spirit in me, they actually have a fridge near the counter to feed on that. 

the tagayan part na tu!

Monette and I moved outside. A bottle of beer later, Ed of, Ed of and Doi of arrived. After another round, George and Isabella of came. The meet-up came to full circle towards the small hours. We bid each other goodbye with Doi taking us for a spin while sending off Monette and consequently me to where we were holed up. Matsalams Doi!

Nice meeting you all, guys! Sa sunod laag na sad!

restaurant: Zubuchon
address: One Mango, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City
contact number: (03) 239.5697


 My curiosity was particularly piqued with a new kid, este, lechon in the block. It all started in an online community a year ago. The buzz was all about a lechon and a guy named Anthony Bourdain. Truth be told, at that time I didn't have any slightest idea who the guy is. So with a little click here and there, I got my answers. Along the way, I stumbled upon, a food blog, where I read snippets about the lechon-- its preparation and the experiments done to come up with the perfect lechon. I've since become a convert.

So, with a little luck in my hands, I went to a mall in Banilad to try what everyone was raving about only to discover that the supply of the lechon runs out very quickly.

Fast forward, I found myself in Cebu and then I've heard that a resto offering the same lechon opened recently and at the same time there was a meet-up with online friends at Pinoy Travel Bloggers.  

So there. Pakals na! Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Nice to meet you guys! Nice, first PTB meet-up, first-time to eat Zubuchon (my first time too). Pwedeng pwede na toh sa Blog Carnival, RV.

    Anyway, I agree the service was great. Attendants were really accommodating which is very important especially in the food industry when we're talking about the basic necessities of man. Wished we could've stayed longer, I knew we had more talks instore. But again, apologize for being late! haha

  2. It was one hell of a night, I must say! Hehe We had so much fun drinking with you guys, let's meet again, shall we? Hehe

  3. Reasonable price for a renowned place to eat Lechon, must try this next time in Cebu...I've got to lower my blood levels though hehe

  4. lol. had to turn irate to the staff for taking a long time to give us the menu. but after that, they were so OC in making sure our table was clean and all. i like the look of their store! you're right about the sleek interiors and ala IKEA design RV. it brings out a sense of classy and elegant look in this lechon resto. super like!

    it was nice meeting you guys too! it was indeed a great night!!! =)

  5. Cebu PTB are very accommodating, I experienced it too! Same tau, kc they are my first meet up ever din, but I didn't get to meet George and Isabella :D

  6. That iba shake looks really tempting.

  7. @ ed, george, doi and fetus, of course, of course. sa sunod tapuk na sad :)
    @ marky, pa EKG ka muna dodong. hahaha
    @ tina, may next time pa naman :)
    @ jordie, sulayi. lami jud!

  8. Has lunch there a couple of weeks back.. have to say, sulit yung fast meals nila.

  9. coolness! the iba shake in zubuchon is a winner for me :D


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