Tuesday, September 27, 2011

unique, weird and bizarre travel essentials

Fifteen of today's most prolific Filipino travel bloggers (with a cult following to boot) share some secrets with me. This entry offers first-hand information outside the circle for the first time. A few of their answers are suggestive and may offend polite society while others are wrapped in an air of mystery. Nax! Dramatic intro, ah! 

Now, in the spirit of fun and free speech, I've asked the well-known and quirky Pinoy travel bloggers what travel essentials they have. Dig down deep. Inside their backpacks or sling bags are some unique and weird if not bizarre travel secrets you never imagined they keep. From action figures to toothpick to practical stuff like pepper spray, kissing kit that contains mint and toothbrush, to oil control film to objects that need verification from Ripley's believe it or not: handcuffs, nails, chainsaw and more. Reminds me of a colleague who keeps a rubber in his wallet for prosperity. Go figure!

Let the cat out of the bag!

ChiChi Bacolod of wearesolesisters.com:

"Gatsby's oil control film because I have skin that produces so much oil, you can deep fry potato wedges with it. Oiliness is next to godliness, that's what they say."

Monette Fernandez of fliptravels.com:

"Hangover sweets. Di mo alam kung kailan ka tatamaan ng kalasingan. Mabuti na yong handa. Which reminds me, I need a refill!"

Robx Bautista of thetravellingdork.com:

"My fox hat and a pack of toothpicks."

Lauren Gaile of pandelicious.wordpress.com:

"Food for bribing purposes. ATM card (kahit probinsiya) and cute socks."

Marky Ramone Go of nomadicexperiences.com:

"Handcuffs, saw, hammer, 12 inch nails, masking tape, rope."

Brenna Bustamante of philippinetravelogue.com:

 "Tictac. The same reason with Monette. Lipgloss (weird ba to? haha) and tear gas or pepper spray"

Eileen Campos of possiblypinay.com:

"Foldable shopping bags (less plastic and multipurpose-laundry bag), payong (kasi waterproof material gamit ko), pasalubong center."

Jerome Baluyut of balintataw.org:

"Toothbrush & paste (kasi pagnakatulog ka na minsan sa kalasingan at least pag gising mo pwede na mag toothbrush agad lol), mints (sagot sa kagutuman kapag nakalimutan mong bumili or kumain before or during the ride), eyeglasses (malabo kasi mata ko) --- weird ba yun?"

Ron Cruz of fliptravels.com:

"1. captain ronron & cowgirl monmon (action figures/dolls from Nina) 2. my old straw hat 3. kissing kit (breath freshner, vanilla mint lip balm, hand sanitizer) ... di mo alam kung kailan ka tatamaan ng kalandian... buti nang handa."

Lai Marie Mirasol of pinaytravelista.com:

"1. toothbrush and paste 2. box ng Band Aid and alcohol, for the usual cuts I get sa pagiging klutz ko and 3. surgical scissors! LOL! Ewan ko bakit ayaw magpa.iwan nito.. parang may Operation Tuli akong palaging pinupuntahan!"

Nicely Rom of travelingnicely.com:

"Advil for migraine and lomotil for lbm, 2. pangshave ng kilikili para smooth skin always lalo na pag beach trip, and 3. mouthwash for kissing purposes."

Gay Mitra-Emami of pinaytraveljunkie.com:

"‎1. small toy (for luna) 2. water bottle (kuripot bumili ng inumin) 3. eyelash curler."

Darwin Miranda Cayetano of trackingtreasure.net:

"medicine kit (seriously laging meron bag ko nyan), ID (if ever may mangyare sakin atleast my identification), lip balm (hahahaha, mabilis kasi matuyo labi ko, sa lamig at init, bigla nalang dumudugo)"

Doi Domasian of travellingfeet.com:

“Nail cutter - alternative to scissors especially sa flights. Toothbrush & toothpaste - in case I decide to eat adobong pusit or daing or kahit anong malansang food.”

Kara Santos of travelingup.wordpress.com:

I always bring a mini-swissknife and several buffs/multipurpose headwear (aside from being a bandana, it's served as a motorcycle mask, eyemask to sleep in buses and planes, camera protector if it suddenly rains, instant handkerchief, pamunas ng chair, and a host of other things).

What are yours?


  1. Just an open mind. I never leave home without it. :)

  2. yea, that's one thing we all should never leave home without (plus sense of humor) :D

  3. This was a fun read! Natuwa ako reading the quirky essentials of the other bloggers. :D

    Sasabihin ko sana nung una.... In order of beauty ba 'to?? Chichi, Monette, Me. Lol. Kaso nasa second to last si Gay so I guess hindi. Girl crush hihi.

  4. hahahaha. according to "most punctual" eto. kung sinong nag submit, in order :D

  5. Naaliw ako sa mga sagot ng bagets at ang corresponding photos hindi nagpatalo hehe :D sayang, di ako nakapag-contribute 0_0

  6. no probs yan. sa mga susunod na post, pwedeng-pwede :D

  7. pansin ko lahat eh nagaalala sa idea na baka may "kissing" moments sa trip. naks!

    nice post, specially the corresponding photos! thanks!

  8. parang handang handa na nga ang iba sa close-up's loovapaloza, eh. haha

  9. Mabuti na ung handa...^^ handa sa lahat ng bagay.. ahahahaha.. and by lahat.. hmmmm.. yun na yun..^^

  10. astig pic ni Nicely Rom, sha ata dapat mg dala nung travel essentials ko. :)

  11. ikaw na ang bagong josefa llanes escoda! hahaha

  12. parang kinindatan lang ni nicely rom ang dalawang security check sa NAIA! hahaha

  13. Passport at ATM card. 'Tsaka camera, of course.

  14. for my purchases last time in HK and SG, i used my BDO atm :D

  15. My eyedrops -- that's one thing I couldn't live without! I have dry eye syndrome and if I don't use my drops, I'll look like a vampire with fiery red eyes!!!

  16. at baka di ka pa papasukin sa eroplano with your red eyes! haha

  17. Natawa naman ako! Di ko akalaing ipa-publish pala ang mga sagot. Nahiya naman tuloy ako sa #2 answer ko. Hahaha! I can't help but laugh!

  18. hahahaha. at least may clue na ang mga bagets kung anong motibo ng mouthwash sa bag mo :D

  19. Hindi ung mouthwash e... Ung pang-ahit ng kilikili! Hahaha!

  20. hahahaha. okay lang yan basta razor. ibang usapan na pag blade lang. lol

  21. Off topic: Naaliw ako sa "Listen" function ng blog mo ^_^

  22. hahahahaha. sobrang slang, ano? mas lalo na sa filipino part! LOL

  23. Nice. I wanted to answer this yesterday but our internet got cut because of the storm as I was typing a response on the PTB forum :p I always bring a mini-swissknife and several buffs/multipurpose headwear (aside from being a bandana, it's served as a motorcycle mask, eyemask to sleep in buses and planes, camera protector if it suddenly rains, instant handkerchief, pamunas ng chair, and a host of other things).

  24. aliw ngang basahin to.....lol kay marky, pinanindigan talaga..hahaha

  25. ganda ng mga photos ah. polished na polished. parang hindi mga budget travellers! hahaha

  26. Oh WOW! I love the photo you chose (and thanks to Lakwatsera De Primera for taking that). Si Marky, serial killer lang.

  27. hahaha. natawa ako dito at sa napili mong pic ko. didn't think verbatim pagkapost. LOL. thanks sa pag add sa reply ko RV ^_^

  28. kara, the more the mannier and happier! i added yours :D

    darwin, yon na, for the world to see :)

    ed, ito na ang mga new breed of pinoy flashpackers, eh. hihi

    gay, salamat :D

    doi, no problemo. mabuti na ang kwentas claras. hihihi

  29. Thanks for adding my response! :)

  30. Ang kukulit ng mga travel essentials and the reasons why they bring it. cooool! :)

  31. dental floss to save the day, and map/compass to know what side of the bus is the sun. i always avoid that side of window. kakamigraine ang warm sun rays + cold A/C.

  32. hahhaha..ang luffeet ng mga sagot...ma try nga yong ibang sagot nila..ahhaha


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