Wednesday, October 5, 2011

last minute bed request for Masskara Festival 2011

Where to stay in Bacolod during the Masskara Festival weekend?! All eight of us! I've been frantically searching the internet for a decent bed during the busiest weekend in Bacolod! The search result? Depressing. 

By far, a dismal result of zero in the last three hours! I've been calling every imaginable numbers listed in blogs, referred to by friends, as well as official websites! Who, in his right mind, would start booking for a room this late into the Masskara weekend which is already a week from now? Yes, that would be me. Guilty as charged.  

I am not going solo this time. I will be with a groupie of eight travelers on this trip. The budget? One thousand pesos (per person), max. A budget good enough to stay in a comfortable (and probably chic or artsy) hotel (with free breakfast) at a minimal rate since we will split the hotel bill of course.

I am not giving up just yet. 

I called hotel number one on my list: (1) Modern, tastefully designed and conveniently located at the heart of where the action is--Lacson Street, the tourist strip and the main drag where the electric masskara parade (and the ultimate street party after) happens on Saturday night! It's older sister L'Fisher Hotel caters to the high-brow market while this hotel, right at the back, is priced for mid-range. 

family room (4 pax) Php3,000.00
free breakfast and wi-fi
amenities include a fitness gym and roof deck swimming pool

other rooms available:
 Grand Superior Room (2)               5,000.00
Superior Room (2)                           4,000.00
Grand Family Room (4)                  4,000.00

Standard Room (2)                          1,600.00
Economy Room (2)                          1,295.00
Budget (1)                                          995.00

L'Fisher Chalet Chalet tower ii

14th Lacson Street, Bacolod City
 Tel No.(034) 433-3731 to 39; Fax (034) 433-0951
 E-mail:, website: 
 Manager: Robert Baide

status: fully booked!

Next on my list: (2) The Korean characters sent me mixed signals. Might be pricey. As I browsed through the site, it appears that the rates are just fine. The location though is a tad too far from the main strip. If you are visiting Bacolod for the casino, definitely, this is the place to be. But we're not. We are coming to Bacolod for the street dance, street party and free hugs. 

Still, I made a call in a desperate attempt to secure a room. 

family room (4 pax) Php1,700.00 

Free wifi; Kiddie Pool and Jacuzzi (Besides the free access to the Caribbean Waterpark & Resotel offered to hotel guests, Kundutel has its own kiddie pool with Jacuzzi and waterfalls as part of the ambiance provided by its outdoor seating area where guests can lounge and enjoy their meals and snacks.)

Goldenfields Kundutel

Goldenfields Commercial Complex, Bacolod City
 Tel No.433-7211 to 16
 Fax: (034) 433-7202
 Manager: Mr. Orville Ong

other rooms available:
Standard Room                 1,100.00
Deluxe Room                     1,200.00
Superior Room                  1,300.00
Family Room (for 3)         1,400.00
Family Room (for 4)         1,700.00

Ambassador Suite           2,500.00
Executive Suite                 2,500.00
Royal Suite                       2,500.00
Presidential Suite             4,000.00 

status: fully booked!!!

It appears that my luck is down. Nevertheless, I tried calling this one: (3) The hotel has an imposing facade and an ample parking space (as if facade and parking mattered to us out-of-towners. hehe). Rather a bit far from Lacson Street but close to the North and South bus terminals.

family room big Php2,000.00
free wi-fi and plunge pool jacuzzi
"For guests who wish to take a relaxing dip or get that illusive tan, Circle Inn offers a 4-meter diameter plunge pool jacuzzi at the end of our private landscaped garden. It features water and air jets as well as a waterfalls. 
Coming on the last quarter of 2011, an infinity pool with relaxing faux beach and pool accessible rooms and decks!"

rooms available:
Executive Suite              P2, 900.00
Executive Room                2,400.00
Zen Room                          2,400.00
Family Suite                       2,000.00
Family Room Big               2,000.00
Family Room Small           1,700.00
De Luxe Plus                     1,800.00
Standard                            1,100.00
Extra Bed/Person                 300.00

Circle Inn

Lopez-Jaena-Malaspina Sts, Bacolod City
 Tel. No. 433-2538, 709-9111
 Manager: Orson U. Ong

fully booked! 

At the Pinoy Travel Bloggers' forum, Catherine Iblan and Izah Morales suggested I check out (4) Saltimboca Pension. 

"...Saltimboca offers cheap accommodation for as low P430 for non air-condition room...Although the facilities show signs of age, the entirety of the inn is still in good condition. They have a gazebo, garden, restaurant, a swimming pool, function hall and free wifi"-more on this by clicking this link:
No. of Rooms: 48                            Rates:
Presidential                                P 2,250.00
Garden Executive                         2,000.00
Family Room                                 1,800.00
Yellow/Green Room       16         1,790.00
Blue/Peach Room            5          1,375.00
Deluxe 1/2          3                         1,400.00
Standard Room A             3         1,150.00
Standard Room B             3             970.00
Standard Room C             3             900.00
Standard Room D                          1,200.00
Garden F                            800.00
Single Room 1                   760.00
Single Room 2                   700.00
Single Room N/AC           430.00
Extra Person                     150.00
Extra Matress                    200.00

Saltimboca Pension
17th Lacson, Bacolod City
 Tel No.432-3617, 432-1145, 432-3179
 Manager: Teresa Paula Jalandoni
Email: , 

only one room available good for three pax. where does that leave the other five?!?!

That leaves me with the (5) pension house where my group stayed three years ago. It was just near L'Fisher and the Capitol grounds and actually two blocks from Lacson Street: 

Pleasant Travelers' Pension House

Telephone: (034) 4352934 Cellphone: 09079427202

When I least expect it because the pension is off-the-beaten, FULLY BOOKED na din! 

As of this time, I am still clueless on where to stay. It appears to me motel (love hotel) na lang ang biherang ma fully booked during the festival week. Nakupo! Pa'no na 'to!?

I hope tomorrow, I'll holler eureka! eureka! already. 


  1. hi rv,
    fyi, i started looking last july pa and there were no more rooms avaiable. good thing may nagmabuting loob (girls from the forums) and offered that I can stay in their hotel pero extra bed lang ako. so happy and thankful! haay. goodluck to you! =)

  2. hi chyng, i hope i get lucky today. huwag naman sa dragon lodge na. lol. at any rate, see you and the rest of PTBs in bacolod :)

  3. walk in lang keo sa lahat ng pension house, hotel, inn kasi first come first serve yan...

  4. i'm a tad too old for that kind of adventure joefel! lisud na.

  5. try to check the pension houses in Talisay City and Silay City... it's a short commute lang naman from Bacolod.

  6. thanks cecil. will probably check silay since its closest to bacolod. i hope my group can finally get beds today. good luck to us.


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