Saturday, October 29, 2011

locked up abroad

"Everyone is vulnerable. Protect yourself by doing your research and know what the risks are."
One thing I learn from this video (see below) is to never give anyone your passport if you are in a different country

This brings to mind 3 very important travel tips:

one |1| PHOTOCOPY| always have a photocopy of all your important travel documents like passport, credit card and government-issued IDs (and keep them secure).  

two |2| DOUBLE CHECK| if you are offered employment abroad, it is extremely important to verify first if the employment is indeed legitimate.

three |3| THINK ON YOUR FEET| and finally, make decisions quickly if you get yourself in a sticky situation.

I belong to a nation of migrant workers. Every month, many of my countrymen travel abroad for vacation but the bulk, tens of thousands of them, travel abroad for work. There's an alarming figure somewhere regarding those who pass through illegal channels. I know for a fact that there are many crocodiles lurking in the immigration counter at NAIA Terminal 1 waiting for Filipino au pair bound for Denmark, Norway or Sweden to fall prey and shell out Php10,000 or even more as bribe money even if these au pair have complete documents. These immigration personnel operate by scaring these innocent Filipino workers!

While many found gainful employment through direct hires as Information and Communication Technology workers in Singapore, domestic helpers in Hongkong and the Middle East, TESOL teachers in Thailand, China, Vietnam and Laos, a few of them end up, sadly,  in dead-end sweat shops as cheap labor or worse, forced as commercial sex workers.

Watch this 24-minute video Enslaved: an MTV EXIT special.

Human trafficking knows no social boundaries. True. So, it's very important to be well-informed.

ENSLAVED: An MTV EXIT Special Hosted by Jared Leto from Thirty Seconds to Mars (Official Online Premiere) from MTV EXIT on Vimeo.

We all have responsibility to end human trafficking. Learn more what you can do by visiting

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