Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal I Rehabilitation and Renovation

I have fascination toward airports. I have this intense fascination I can even stay in airports all day. Just people watch. See the drama of hellos and goodbyes. Admire the architectural design. Write stories inside my head.

I love sleeping in airports, especially in Singapore Changi Terminal 2 where it's quite and with free beanbags to use!

...and buying stuff too because everything is duty-free!

and the free movies, massage chairs, internet and so much more at Changi! 

Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok have the best airports in Asia but Singapore's Changi is definitely second to none! I still have to check out Incheon though.

sleeping in HK airport while waiting for the first trip bus to Causeway

In the local ground, after a lot of bad press my country's NAIA Terminal 1 got from as world's worst airport (was there a time NAIA T1 got good reviews?), it's an awesome, awesome, awesome news to have this statement and pro-bono proposal from THE  Kenneth Cobonpue, Budji Layug and Royal Pineda, no less! (see official statement and video below)!

WOW! (wow in big bold letters, font size one million!) I am a big Kenneth Cobonpue furniture fan! Since I can't afford his furniture yet, I'll just stay as a huge fan for now.

"A pro-bono proposal from Budji Layug, Royal Pineda and Kenneth Cobonpue in cooperation with the National Competitiveness Council of the Philippines. Its time someone did something about the worst airport in the world. So we made this design because we believe that no matter how beautiful our country is, our airports give the first and last impressions. This plan is relatively inexpensive and simple to adapt. The plan also involves renovating the interiors to allow faster flow of travelers between security, immigration and departure. 
 The first step has been done. Lets hope our government moves on this proposal quickly."

From Kenneth Cobonpue: 
Share and talk about it... We can all be a part of it. Hopefully the right people can make the right decisions...

It's a proposal, yes. But it means a lot already.

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