Friday, November 11, 2011

the danger of escalators!

I travel with my Bugsy whenever we can. Whether we go for a walk in the neighborhood or stroll in the mall, his well-being always stays at the apex of my concerns. One time, I disconnected his safety backpack-leash inside a toy store in a mall during a mallwide sale day while I checked out some goods. In a split second, he disappeared into thin air! Oh, how my spirit jumped out of my body! So many scenarios popped out of my head during those intense moments. I looked for him next shelf. Not there. I heaved a sigh only, a very deep one, when I found out he was just right behind me!

From then on, I always keep an eye on him. Especially in the escalator. So many escalator accident stories, some even have attained urban legend status. I caught this photo (posted below) circulating around the internet. Scares the hell out of me!

Children are the usual victims in escalator accidents. There have been many reported escalator accidents in Singapore, Japan and the United States. Some accidents reportedly happen because the shoes got caught in the gap between the steps at the top, bottom or side (as seen above) of the escalator.

In October this year, a seven-year old boy's toe was accidentally cut in an escalator accident in Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre in Singapore. 

Some accidents were fatal. In March this year, a four-year old boy was killed in Sears Department store in Massachusetts, USA. The boy reportedly grabbed the moving handrails, was dragged to the gap in the escalator and fell 18 feet.

Always keep your children safe in the escalator! 

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