Monday, November 14, 2011

fresh blood | 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Visayas

No one was beside me to validate that indeed, it was my blog that rolled off the tongue of the presenter for best travel blog. For two seconds, I was glued to my seat, frozen in disbelief. Did he really say ...and the winner is (insert overture music here)... looneyplanet or was I hearing voices inside my head?   

My eyes were stingy and bloodshot. My head was still spinning from the 7-hour bus ride that began at 4AM that day. All I could remember was I stood up, shook hands along the way and waited for the cue on where to stand. Posed for the camera. Got the trophy, took the podium and delivered an impromptu speech!

The fatigue and social anxiety were elements of a disaster. What should I say? I almost had a panic attack. I came to Silay and Bacolod with a venturesome spirit and without any expectation to bring home the trophy at all. All I ever wanted was to join the complimentary guided tour around Silay, meet the blogging community for the first time and somehow, put faces behind blog names and eventually have a slice of heaven in Calea.

The next day, GMA 7 conducted an interview while we were doing the farm tour at Hacienda Maquina. I was jittery.

But I took home more than what I came for. The award was not something that I actively sought. But since it was handed to me when I needed the validation at this stage of my blogging, I was overjoyed and excited nonetheless.
Meanwhile, here is the complete list of winners in the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Visayas:

Culture and Arts               |Tumandok
Food and Beverage          | Flavours of Iloilo
Lifestyle                            | RandomThoughts
Personal                           | The Young Pinoy Blogger
Photoblog                         | onethirdpoundpatty
Technology                       | Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments
Travel                              | looneyplanet
Happy blogging kanatung tanan!

Thank you very much Mawe Barrios for taking the interview photo (above). I owe you one bai!


  1. congrats pare! dapat pala nagpa-autograph na ako nung nagkita tayo sa dumaguete.
    at kaya pala nagyayaya ka ng drinks a few days ago.
    its a well-deserved win!

  2. @RV.. no problemo!! It was nice meeting you, and I hope we see each other again on more events in the future. Congrats again on the win, and keep on blogging :)

  3. nax. pre-PBA yon James. goodwill drinks since you were in town. haha
    salamat! :)

  4. thanks Mawe! happy blogging to us! kita kits! :)

  5. Congratulations! Next stop: national blog awards.

  6. Calea = slice of Heaven. ahahahah

    Nice meeting you! and Congratulations!

  7. thanks eric! my sweet tooth had its fill at calea! it was nice meeting you too! see you on the road! :)

  8. thanks very much joan! happy travels~


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