Thursday, December 8, 2011

bleu cheese+truffle+bacon burger at KRI

What's the yardstick for a perfect burger? It's difficult to say. I am not a foodie and the only credential I have as food critique is that I can tell the difference between too sweet and too salty. Tongue-in-cheek aside, I think I've stumbled upon one burger which I think will measure up to some standards.

Good burgers are not easy to find in small town Dumaguete. I've been here long enough but still haven't found that one perfect piece of poison, I mean, burger. Through word of mouth I have tried some. My verdict: either those burgers had too much char in charbroiled or the flavor was a tad too uninspired. Let's not even begin with Mc Donald's quarter pounder or Jollibee's champ burger because my standards are way too different. The beefy taste, the thick and juicy, juicy, juicy patties of Brothers Burger, Burger Joint or Flame It or that Mos Burger in Singapore--they actually set the lead for me.

Because in Dumaguete standards, the price of said burger is rather prohibitive, I just make it a point to get one each pay day. The burger costs P218.00 including VAT. I ordered one and a glass of iced cold lemongrass-ginger tea to chug. 

The burger has a ritzy name to it: bleu cheese, truffle and bacon burger! Except for the bacon, bleu cheese and truffle sounds high brow to me! By the way, appreciating bleu cheese is an acquired taste--it's the cheese that has that distinct odd smell, with blue-green mold, tastes sharp and a bit salty. Truffle on the other hand is an underground mushroom which is highly prized as food in international haute cuisine. In France, it is considered as the diamond of the kitchen.

The service was very efficient and impeccable. One time I was there, the waitress served me complimentary appetizer while I waited for my order to be served. The bowl had watermelon and turnip in a salty-sour dip which tasted rather funny. Tonight, it's almost closing time. I am the only customer left so I have the restaurant all to myself. I took pictures here and there.

My order, fresh-off-the-grill, is here! Notice the plating. Nice.

It goes with fresh tomato and lettuce with yam chips and a dip on the side.

Here we go: the juicy goodness of the patty which is 100 % Australian beef! The crunch of the bacon! Yes!! My burger was dripping with burger juice down to my plate! No amount of description is going to fit how the truffle oil, bleu cheese and meat created a perfect delicious explosion inside my mouth! 

I say: yes, this is probably the best burger I have eaten in years! 

All in all, I paid P274.40 for the burger and ginger-lemon drink.

The downside is the open kitchen. There must be something wrong with the exhaust because by the time I licked the last drop of the truffle oil, my shirt already smelled greasy. And yes, the 12% VAT is not yet included in the menu price (P195.00 for the burger).

I'd have to say that good burger and art sit well in this neighborhood restaurant in Dumaguete.

The burger I found can be ordered in a restaurant called KRI. It's located along Silliman Avenue, just across Silliman University Post Office.

contact information:
KRI Restaurant

address:53rd Silliman Avenue, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines
telephone number:(035)421.2392
operating hours:Mon-Sat: 10:30am - 9:00pm

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