Friday, December 2, 2011

true mark of a gentleman

Experts from the world's best airport arrived to help the world's worst airport. The team of experts from Changi Airport have assessed already the conditions and problems of NAIA Terminal 1.

Meanwhile, the word war between Cobonpue's team and DOTC Sec. Manuel Roxas is coming to a close. Looks like better days are ahead of us. I can't wait to see the day when my country's gateway, NAIA Terminal 1, joins the league of best boutique airports in the world! #philippinepride 


Here now is the statement released on behalf of Cobonpue's team:

“The whole issue over the NAIA 2 has been been blown out of proportion and has distracted people from the original issue: the need for a better airport that we can all be proud of. It is clear now that there has been misunderstanding regarding this issue and we wish to convey to Secretary Roxas that we are not questioning his integrity.

“It has come to our attention that the DOTC intends to first concentrate on the structural and electro-mechanical problems of the facility. We see the rationale behind this and respect the DOTC's decision.

“We also understand that in the course of their work in analyzing, writing up and finalizing the complete rehabilitation plans for the facility, the DOTC has consulted other professionals. We also respect this decision as this within their prerogative.

“We would like to thank our leaders for giving us the chance to be part of the national project that is the NAIA 1 rehabilitation.

“They had sought our help, and as good citizens, we heeded the call. It was and still is our belief that an airport that falls beneath international standards can be transformed into a source of national pride.

“We would like to thank those who supported our vision of a beautiful airport that is truly Filipino. if even for a moment we succeeded in showing our country's leaders what is possible, and shared with our fellowmen our vision of a safe, efficient and beautiful airport, then we are happy to have made this effort.

“We now leave everything we have started in the hands of our leaders. We will be here if and when they need us, as we believe it is our duty to share whatever talent God has bestowed on each of us for the good of our country.

“After everything that's been said and done, we remain hopeful that the promise of a functional and beautiful airport will be fulfilled and we will finally have the airport we deserve, one that we can all be truly proud of."

A year closer to the dream of a beautiful, efficient and distinctively Filipino airport!


  1. It would take years to revamp NAIA 1. I even I doubt it will ever be focused under the Aquino administration.

    But I may be wrong. We'll just see what happens...

  2. last quarter of 2012 goal nila. by then, end of the world na. hehehehe. just kidding. let's hope for the best :D


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