Monday, December 5, 2011

So, where exactly is the best lechon in Cebu?

It’s somewhere North and it’s open on Sundays only. 

My discovery came rather late. Travel writer Boboi Costas already featured the lechon four years ago in a travel magazine based in the UK. A couple of friends raved about the lechon in their facebook status updates early this year but I dismissed it-- either it was way too far from where I lived or I’ve just become too jaded maybe.      

One lazy Sunday morning, the opportunity presented itself. I found myself dazed in a backseat of a car headed North (of course, I’m kidding on the dazed part). The traffic was moving smooth and the sky was spotless. In less than 30 minutes, we arrived in a busy intersection, parked in front of a school and walked across the street to where the stalls are. The area is hard to miss being located in a town hall ground.

There were about five stalls with sellers barking (in a typical friendly Cebuano kind of way) to try their lechon! Decisive moment na to. In lightning speed, I had a quick light bulb moment “the best lechon should be almost gone by now!” At the end of the row, near where the fruit stand was, a man was busy chopping the few remaining parts of the lechon while the lady beside him wrapped some. I made a beeline and ordered half a kilo (P180.00). He asked me if I wanted to put what looked like the natural juicy and oily goodness of the lechon that dripped during the roasting process. I said hell, yes! and ordered puso--rice wrapped in coconut leaves.          

The smell of grilled fish wafted in the air. I was tempted to check-out more stalls at the back—more fruits, rice cakes and seafood. Fresh is written all over the place! I got a kilo of mango (P70.00) and a pack of fresh seaweed (P25.00).  These are makeshift stalls that go full operations on Sundays only, so freshness is really guaranteed. 

We drove for a few minutes and found a good place by the beach. I gingerly opened the pack and topped it with the sauce. First, I shoved one meaty slice into my mouth. It was tender, juicy and succulent. The flavor was perfect! Then, I chipped off a portion of the golden brown and crispy skin. I was taken aback! My mouth just had an orgasm! Food porn! It was hard to tell, was it the meat or the sauce that made all the difference?  Regardless, I have debunked my own claim that nobody does lechon better than Talisay or the new lechon in the block—they have become either too salty or overrated. 

Come before lunch because chances are they are easily gone way faster than you can say Liloan!


  1. lami an gid ang lechon sa cebu!

  2. i'm not being myopic or parochial but for me, nothing beats Cebu's lechon pa din! YUMMY! :D

  3. ichura pa lang sumasakit na batok ko. hahaha! Masarap talaga ang bawal. I only tried CNT lechon and for me it's the best so far. Pagbalik ko ng Cebu, try ko naman dyan sa bandang norte. foodtrip galore. thanks for visiting my site by the way. appreciate it

  4. wow lechon... syang mukhang hindi namin madadaanan ang liloan..

  5. masarap nga ang bawal ano? hahaha. sige, pagbalik mo ng cebu, punta ka Liloan. Sundays nga lang don :D happy food tripping and happy travels~

  6. Ivan, pag gala mo ng cebu, tell Doi or Ed. they might take you there. ayon, dapat Sunday nga lang. maligayang paggala at manigong bagong paglakwatsa! :D

  7. HAve you tried the lechon in Carcar's merkado bai? Just near the rotunda, and I mean inside the merkado. They also serve it with the juices that drip out of the pig (now sorry that didn't sound as tasty as I wanted it to haha). Then get back to this post!.

    1. first time i heard about carcar's lechon! will definitely try it when i have the chance. thanks for the heads up


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