Friday, December 2, 2011

where will happiness strike next?

I share exactly the same moment when my grandmother I call Nanay came home from the States after 20 long years. She left in 1991 when I was about to graduate elementary school. She had never came home since then. Finally, in October this year, she found her way home bringing with her the joys and pains of living abroad.

Airport + Homecoming + Family + Coke = Happiness
*warning: makes you shed buckets of tears. get your hanky or tissue ready.

The family saga simply does end there. Life is not a fairy tale after all. The drama continues but I am glad my Nanay, Papa, Mama and the rest of my family (who haven't gone far yet for greener pastures abroad) will be together this Christmas.

Have a meaningful Christmas everyone!


  1. I love the bonding moments of all the family, kakatouch, although I hate the fact it's a coke advertisement.

    Anyway, Advance Merry Christmas dude :D

  2. happy holidays Boris! share the happiness :)

  3. awwwww! nasipon tuloy ako. hihihi!! Iba talaga dito no. Nothing beats Christmas sa pinas.

  4. ayan. may reason ka na para mag coke. hehehe. bring that holiday cheer! :D


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