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Hello NatGeo flagship stoh Singapoh! How are you today, la? :D

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sports Illustrated's 2011 shoot in Boracay Island!

WOW! If Boracay could talk!? What a lucky bastard of an island.

As if the herd of hot and sexy bodies that flock to the island all year long is not enough, here comes another one. Rather, another pack of sexy, skimpily-clad women. And they are the planet's sexiest women, no less! (see list below)

The much-anticipated issue of Sports Illustrated 2011 Swimsuit Edition is now out in newsstands. On the cover is Russian model Irina Shayk. Though the cover photo shows Hawaii, inside are spreads shot in Boracay with several other models.

Click the link for the photos taken in Boracay:

Irina Shayk

Kate Upton

Jessica White

Krissy Aquino, este, Chrissy Teigen

Esti Ginzburg

Here's the article I lifted from

 Sports Illustrated's bikini models grace Boracay beaches
"One of the world's leading sports magazines asked some of the planet's sexiest models to lie around on the Philippines' most acclaimed beach.  
The cover features Russian model Irina Shayk on location in Hawaii, but the annual swimsuit issue also shows her and other bikini-clad single ladies in sultry poses on Bora's white-sand playground. 
Boracay has long been a favorite frolicking ground for the glamorous. Over the Christmas holidays, actor Mark Salling, who plays "Puck" in the hit TV series Glee, partied in Boracay with Kapuso stars Richard Gutierrez and Solenn Heusaff. 
This time, Boracay's beaches hosted models Shayk, Esti Ginzburg, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, and Jessica White. 
One photo of Esti Ginzburg also shows a local man wearing a colorful Ati-Atihan costume in the background. 
The magazine's website also showed videos of the women. Ginzburg was photographed on one of the island's iconic paraws while Jessica White's shots were taken at the poolside of Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa.

Thai-Norwegian Christine Teigen, who described Filipinos as "ridiculously sweet," was covered only by powdery white sand and shells of the island in some of her photos.

Some of Kate Upton's photos were taken with a bahay kubo backdrop, while others were taken of her on a local fishing boat. In the video, Upton said of Boracay: "It's beautiful! I grew up in Florida so I know what beaches are like but this beach is not like anything I've ever seen."
This year, Sports Illustrated took Shayk and numerous other swimsuit models including Brooklyn Decker, Cintia Dicker, Julie Henderson, Genevieve Morton and Jessica White to famous beaches around the world for their photo shoots. Shayk is seen sitting on the sandy beaches of Maui in Hawaii for her cover picture. 
The edition hits newsstands annually in the dead of North America's winter, offering the tantalizing hope to readers that warmer weather -- and the sunny days at the beach that go with it -- is only weeks away. It is one of the most widely-read magazine editions of the year. - OMG/RAF/KY/JVP/HS, GMA News with a report from Reuters
photo lifted from the diplomatic wife >>>
scenes from a swimsuit suit

According to the report, per tradition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, all the women models are given no idea on who will grace the cover. It will only be known on the day the magazine hits newsstand.

Irina Shayk, the current boyfriend of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, found out she is the cover girl at a taping of Late Night with David Letterman.

Shayk is the first Russian to grace the cover.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Luneta Hotel: Manila is getting a boob job!

The longest I've ever stayed in Manila was in 2001, at the height of EDSA Dos. The four months or so, basking in the dying afterglow of Malate as the party place to be. I got my hands busy on photography as an art form. But I never succeeded in the attempt. I was naive then and was too enclosed in my bubble.

From the terrace, Adriatico stretch. In the center is Pan Pacific
I lived in a nice, artsy apartment (designed by National Artist for Architecture Leandro Locsin) with J. Nakpil Street in my doorstep. From the terrace of the apartment, I could taste the salt from the late afternoon breeze of Manila Bay or see the sky ruptured reddish pink at sunset. Every night, the streets of Malate came to life, as it always does and I looked at it from a comfortable distance, from a voyeuristic vantage point of the 4th floor terrace.

During the weekends, I paid homage to the (aging) beauty and (lost) grandeur of the city. I spent the afternoons either strolling in Intramuros or watching performances at the CCP. Or during full moons, I sat at the stairs (facing the bay) of Film Center watching premieres of indie films. Filmless film or digital was still very new then. There were times when my foot just brought me to surprising discoveries, and this led me to the beaux arts building at the fringes of Luneta Park. I am always drawn to buildings--modern, quaint, grand or otherwise. Aptly put it, any structure that has a disarming charm. All I could remember was the building stood out strong despite how it was left to decay: the graceful curves of her windows, the gorgoyles that adorned each floor, and the intricacies of her railings on the balconies. 

Chuvaness blogged about the building today: Luneta Hotel. Beaumont Holdings is the group responsible for the restoration of the 93-year-old hotel back to its former glory. Inch by inch, Manila is getting a facelift, if not the appropriate boob job it deserves, on its historical treasures. Functional at that! I checked the hotel's website at but it is not working yet. Here, I lifted an article from PDI:

by lindy barbosa; photo lifted from this site>>>
Completed in 1918, the Luneta Hotel was designed by Spanish architect-engineer Salvador Farre, according to a study by Dean John Joseph Fernandez of the University Of Santo Tomas College Of Architecture.

It is being touted as the only structure reminiscent of French Renaissance architecture with Filipino stylized beaux arts in the country, Fernandez said.

The dilapidated building fronting Rizal Park was declared a historical landmark by the National Historical Institute and is protected by Presidential Decree 1505 which makes it unlawful to alter or destroy the original features of an edifice classified by the NHI “without prior written permission from its chair.”

 New architecture jargon I learned today: retrofit

Put simply, retrofit would mean “constructing a new structural steel-framed building inside an existing building” to make it safe and sound.

More photos from the web:

last three photos lifted from chuvaness

Lookie! It's almost done! How awesome is that?!
by Carlos Celdran; lifted from here>>>

photo lifted from
Huwaw! Looks really nice! 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Egypt inside my head

After the dust have settled in Egypt, I know she, as a country born in the threshold of ancient and modern, will rise as a phoenix.

Over class today, in the lofty albeit ambitious course called Education on Love, the professor talked about the classic trio--Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Poring over the etymology of the word happiness, the conversation led to Alexander the Great as the student of Aristotle. In a flash, an image popped inside my head: Bibliotheca Alexandria!

There's no connection! Anyway, I have this thing about libraries although I've only grown to love libraries primarily for its periodical section. I fist saw photos of this library and cultural center built near the site of the ancient library in the Mediterranean shore when a CS friend posted an album about his backpacking trip to Europe and Africa. One of his stops is this library. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

love, sex and travel


Love and sex while backpacking is like the sun. It's there but nobody openly talks about it. So, who among you have stories to tell, put your hands up! hahaha

There are those who travel looking for nothing but sex and well, some hook-ups with sunshine, away from the grey, dreary and dead-end lives back home. A few, probably with a little luck in their hands, will bring home a trophy. Okay, I'll state the obvious: they are called sex tourists.    

There are also those who travel and live in a suitcase or backpack--gap year students, burned-out professionals, individuals on mid-life crisis... The list is endless. I've met some who backpack for months or even years on end either to live their childhood dreams to travel and lead a nomadic life or just simply to find answers to philosophical questions (which as you know, are simple questions with deep, hard to fathom answers).

flying around Asia and beyond: fool-proof tips this seat sale season!

Zero fares! 1 Piso sale! Php888.00 for all destinations! They come in many forms but actually mean only one thing: budget fares. The once neglected niche market of budget travelers has now become a gold mine for budget airlines around the globe. The seat sale alerts come screaming in your inbox!

Many have asked me for as long as I can remember How did you score your zero fares to this country and back? I don't want to come out strong by saying Duh! It's a no-brainer! Go. Open your facebook or twitter and like or follow the airline's page so you get real-time alerts on promos! 

More than ever, airline companies are now spending their advertising budget in social media than on print. Use this to your full advantage. One story I've browsed through the internet is about a stranded traveler at the height of a blizzard in the US last December. The traveler made several attempts to call the customer hotline, was able to access the operator but wasted an average of 20 minutes per call and still got no flight confirmation. His final resort? Twitter. He communicated with a company representative manning the official twitter account of the airline. In real time, he was able to get a response and in no time, he was put on the next available flight. How convenient!   

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dumaguete for the frugal travelers: hotel for Php999 or less! (part deux)

Dumaguete by Dormantskin
I've met a lot of people with the classic story of coming to Dumaguete and falling in love with her. Who wouldn't? Small city, charming, she with that youthful energy and vibrant cultural scene. Expats who have come to love and live in Duma would say every place in downtown is five minutes away. But there is one disturbing comment made by my friend from Spain who came to visit: It's a sad reality. There are a lot of white guys here. The old ones in particular. Their Filipina girlfriends could pass as their grandchildren. Oh, yes. They're all over the place. Perhaps these oldies really fell in love with city and her young ladies. Perhaps, not at all. I don't know.