Monday, November 28, 2011

cheap room and free breakfast, anyone?

It is rather a quite evening here in the boat. The sea is flat and the world stand still. The stillness like in the eye of a storm. Everyone at the economy section is sleeping. Save for a couple talking in gibberish, killing time until their eyelids grew heavier than their dreams. 

The ship crawls on a slow, steady pace. Cebu, inch by inch, is now reduced to an afterglow. This is the kind of heightened departure that escaped me in a very long time.

I'm tightening my bolt and screw in my head. Now, back to regular programming. hahaha

Earlier this evening, I had a photo walk after a long debate with myself whether or not I'll have a P150.00 dinner in Zubuchon (actually in the same block) or take a brisk walk toward the Capitol building, then to Fuente Osmena rotunda where Larsian, Robinson's food court, Cybergate plus a dozen more restaurants are located.

quaint and rustic | the pension's lobby and reception area (with free wi-fi).

So, how often do you stumble upon a gem of a hostel or pension house? This time around its within my budget and it's quaint and rustic and all things in between.

The pension house where I stayed though centrally located is tucked in a quiet neighborhood. Cebu's famous pocherohan where Anthony Bourdain had his tasty beef stew is just 2-minute walk. Did I mention a Zubuchon branch is located in the same block? For lazy mornings, there's a coffee shop called Coffee Dream 'round the corner and if budget became an issue, there's a hawker stall and bakeshop. For long staying guests, a laundry shop is just nearby. During Sunday, the street market across the Capitol has the bagsakan of the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Ayala, Labangon, Lahug and downtown Cebu are just a jeepney ride from here. Taxi to the pier cost me P75.00.

my room is located in the seclusion of Bohol wing which had a nice charm to it

The room is basic and I'd have to say very clean. If you get lucky, you will get a room with a balcony. There's hot shower, cable TV, aircon, drawer, side table and bed all cramped in a 2 by 4 meter room but yes, it's tastefully done. Reminds me of the small hostel rooms in Hongkong. The downside for me are the thin curtain (read: short snooze time) and non-cotton bedding. Wi-fi and breakfast are complementary. The staff are all very friendly and accommodating. Over-all, its good value for money.

The Capitol ground was in festive mood. The performers' laughter lifted the drab of the old building. There will be foreign guests tonight the police said. I took a couple of pictures and walk around the area a bit. Minutes later, busload of Korean guests arrived. The drumbeat drowned the chuckles of the children playing in the closed section of the street. 

The cool night air and the newly renovated sidewalk of Osmena Boulevard made walking nice and easy.

Behind the beautification projects in uptown area, there's always this sad reality: homeless people and rugby or solvent sniffing boys. 

A group of rowdy street kids passed by, rousing these two from their sleep.

I made a quick stop in Larsian, had dinner there and walk my way back to the pension house.

I stayed at East Capitol Pensionne along East Capitol Road. Most taxi drivers did not know the address. I told them it's the road between BPI Family Bank in Escario-Capitol and the new mid-rise building.

Here's the map:

"East Capitol Pensionne has cozy and affordable rooms that will fit anyone’s budget. In fact, we have 33 of them!
If you are a backpacker, you can stay in the dorm but if you want your own privacy, you can get a studio room. There are also bigger rooms you can choose to stay in like the Executive or Ambassador room.
All of these rooms are air conditioned, have a hot and cold shower, a telephone which you can use to contact room to room or make outside calls and cable television."--from their website

Single Room is P600.00, Standard is P800 while Superior Room is P1,200. The rates include free breakfast. The free breakfast was very simple though-- rice and ham and then a cup of Kopiko 3-in-1 coffee.

Here's the contact information:
East Capitol Pensionne 
DS Regner Bldg., 
92 C Eeast Capitol Road
6000 Cebu City

telephone numbers: (035) 416-5588/416-5668
mobile number: 0922-846-6601

Have a good time in Cebu--the gateway to a thousand journeys!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

organic orgasm

Before I became a coffee convert, I enjoyed immensely tea of different concoctions, much especially nai cha or milk tea which had me at hello in Chowking.  Later on, I had the most flavorful nai cha I've ever tasted in Casa Cittadini prepared by the kind Indian nun sister Selena Joseph during one of the afternoons my students and I came to visit.  

To set the record straight: I am was not a coffee drinker. Well, I drank coffee, the 3-in1 variety and that was it. For me, all coffee tasted the same: bitter. You add creamer and sugar, and yes, they still tasted the same, brewed or three-in-one.

I don't really have good memories of coffee. The earliest I had was Dragon Coffee--the cheap coffee packed in transparent triangular plastic with the yellow dragon print and was sold in sari-sari stores and was the star of the show during wake in the provinces. Then, there was Taster's Choice (which I really never tasted) my aunts and grandmother would send from the States. In late 90s when coffee shops began to sprout in Cebu City, I hitched the bandwagon. I had brewed coffee in tropical weather and that was insane! Looking back, it wasn't really much about the weather after all. It was more of keeping up a yuppie lifestyle and bond with friends.

The monk's blend in Benedictine Monastery in Malaybalay, Bukidnon figured prominently as a good cup because it was free-flowing round the clock and it had me palpitating the whole time. Otherwise, I forgot how it tasted already. 

Then I traveled to Viet Nam for the first leg of my Indochina trip. I arrived in the small hours and found myself in the backpackers' district called De Tham Street waiting for sunrise. Upon the prodding of the Filipina I met in the arrival lounge of Saigon's Tan Son Nhat airport, we got ourselves Vietnamese coffee while she waited for the first bus to Cambodia. The coffee preparation was appealing--the coffee mixture was placed on top a tin cover and had it flow drop by drop to another cup underneath. But then again, it still tasted bitter. Awfully bitter. Not my cuppa!   

I didn't really get it why people were so agog about coffee! Not until I had that one first unforgettable cup. The one cup that changed the way I look at coffee. The kind of coffee that titillated my palate, rich and chocolatey with a creamy body and with a long and clean finish.

The pack I got from an organic farm near Bacolod was supposed to be a pasalubong for my coffee-loving colleagues. With no intention to drink, not even a cup, I handed out the pack to the colleagues the next day. The freshly brewed coffee painted a smile on their faces while the first-time drinkers complained about the bitter taste. They all got high just the same as the afternoon wore on.

In a twist of fate, W made me a cup. The sugar and cream she added was just perfect. One creamy cup with a hint of dark chocolate was enough to send me to caffeine heaven. My mouth had just had an orgasm! It was one good cup without the greasy, bitter aftertaste. One cup led to another and before I knew it, I had a cup too many. The coffee like extraordinary painting or poetry blew the top of my head. The details of images inside my head was crisp and clear I could write a novel. I stopped wondering why a few good writers I know need their caffeine fix before they begin writing a story or poem. 

The coffee, medium roast Mt. Kanlaon premium blend arabica and robusta distributed by Fresh Start Organics (Php240.00/pack), is grown at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon volcano in Negros Island under shaded trees and rich volcanic soils. The selectively handpicked ripe red coffee cherries is organically grown by farmers involve in fair trade movement.

I bought my pack in Fresh Start Organics, an organic farm in Silay City when I attended the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Visayas. I checked the website and found out it will open a store soon in The Walk, Robinson's Bacolod. Wheeew! That's seven hours by bus from Dumaguete! The thought of no coffee makes me shiver already! 

To get to Fresh Start Organics farm, kindly inquire at Silay Tourism Office. The tourism office arranged everything for us (bloggers). You may also call Freshstart at telephone number (034) 441.1490 or shoot them a message at or visit

Monday, November 21, 2011

cheapest dive rates in Dumaguete, Siquijor and Apo Island

Score a cheaper deal than the published rates in many dive shops around Dumaguete and Dauin! My suggestion? First, you have to have your own gear and then find that person who will point you to the right direction. Should everything fail, read on.

There are several dive masters in Dumaguete. Aside from the local dive masters, there are also expat PADI certified dive masters who speak Korean and German. But of course, you pay a premium for their services. If you are not a native speaker but speaks and understands English fairly well, avail of these rates and enjoy the dive spots in Dauin, Sumilon, Siquijor and Apo Island without breaking the bank, yes!

DURATION: 3 days 2 nights
DIVE SITES : Dumaguete-Siquijor-Apo Island-Dauin
 8 dives with full board
 Unlimited coffee and tea
 Gears, Tanks
 Dive master services & transfers.
 Exclude: park fees, alcoholic and soft drinks
COST: P10,000.00 per pax (minimum of 5 guests and maximum of 10)
Accommodation: Sleep on the boat with hammocks, Thai pillow or sleeping bag, tents on the beach but if u want a room at a guesthouse u pay extra. Boat has restroom and fresh water shower and kitchen facilities and compressor. Snorkelers and beach bum are also welcome!!!
Destination PRICE
1. Apo/Sumilon Island
3 dives P3,000.00
2 dives P2,500.00
Marine Sanctuary fee (must pay at the Island) P 300.00
2. Dauin
3 dives P2,550.00
2 dives P1,700.00
Marine Sanctuary fee (must pay at Dauin) P 150.00
 Diving equipment (tanks, weights, weight belts)
 Transportation and boat transfers
 PADI Dive Master
 Sandwich, water, fruit

Intro Dive (DSD)
Dauin P 2,500.00
Open Water Course P12,000.00
Advance P10,000.00
Rescue P12,000.00
Dive Master Course P35,000.00
APO / Sumilon Island P 850.00
*Marine sanctuary fee (payable at Apo/Sumilon) P 150.00
DAUIN P 300.00
*Marine sanctuary fee (payable at Dauin) P 50.00
For inquiries, please contact: Harold's Mansion
Telephone number:+639173024455,+639216533699,035-2258000,035-4223477

Monday, November 14, 2011

fresh blood | 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Visayas

No one was beside me to validate that indeed, it was my blog that rolled off the tongue of the presenter for best travel blog. For two seconds, I was glued to my seat, frozen in disbelief. Did he really say ...and the winner is (insert overture music here)... looneyplanet or was I hearing voices inside my head?   

My eyes were stingy and bloodshot. My head was still spinning from the 7-hour bus ride that began at 4AM that day. All I could remember was I stood up, shook hands along the way and waited for the cue on where to stand. Posed for the camera. Got the trophy, took the podium and delivered an impromptu speech!

The fatigue and social anxiety were elements of a disaster. What should I say? I almost had a panic attack. I came to Silay and Bacolod with a venturesome spirit and without any expectation to bring home the trophy at all. All I ever wanted was to join the complimentary guided tour around Silay, meet the blogging community for the first time and somehow, put faces behind blog names and eventually have a slice of heaven in Calea.

The next day, GMA 7 conducted an interview while we were doing the farm tour at Hacienda Maquina. I was jittery.

But I took home more than what I came for. The award was not something that I actively sought. But since it was handed to me when I needed the validation at this stage of my blogging, I was overjoyed and excited nonetheless.
Meanwhile, here is the complete list of winners in the 2011 Philippine Blog Awards Visayas:

Culture and Arts               |Tumandok
Food and Beverage          | Flavours of Iloilo
Lifestyle                            | RandomThoughts
Personal                           | The Young Pinoy Blogger
Photoblog                         | onethirdpoundpatty
Technology                       | Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments
Travel                              | looneyplanet
Happy blogging kanatung tanan!

Thank you very much Mawe Barrios for taking the interview photo (above). I owe you one bai!

Friday, November 11, 2011

2011 Philippine Blog Awards Visayas

I'm going loco! I haven't packed up yet. The last trip bus will leave in a few hours. I'm hitting the road this weekend. My final stop? The heritage city called Silay!

The Visayas leg of Philippine Blog Awards is happening tomorrow in Silay City, Negros Occidental. (holed up at until last month) is finalist in the travel blog category along with other equally engaging and interesting blogs in the Visayas region.

Twenty-eight blogs have been nominated in 7 different categories: Travel, Culture and Arts, Food and Beverage, Lifestyle, Personal, Photoblog and Technology. Awarding will be at two in the afternoon at the Locsin Cultural and Civic Center in Silay City.
The following day (Sunday), I'm looking forward to join the ‘Lagaw Silay’ guided tour. The event, to be facilitated by Silay Tourism Office will bring bloggers to Balay Negrense Museum, Hacienda Adela Folklore Village, Fresh Start Organic Farm, and Silay Mangrove Eco-Park at Brgy. Balaring.

The Silay Tourism Office said the event is also part of Silay Heritage Month Celebration and San Diego Fiesta (November 5-13).

Silay earned the monicker as Paris of Negros due primarily to its large collection of well-preserved heritage houses. The Parisian flavor? that I have to discover soon.

Other areas to be visited include potters’ village, San Diego Pro-Cathedral, Oro-Plata-Mata House, Old Church Ruins, Japanese pill boxes and bird watching area."

Philippine Blog Awards, now on its 5th year, is an annual event organized by Philippine Bloggers Inc., a non-stock, non-profit corporation. This year, PBA Visayas is hosted by Silay City Government and Negros Bloggers partnership with Nokia, Smart Communications and Airphil Express.

For those who are attending, here is the site map I got my Enrico Dee of

the danger of escalators!

I travel with my Bugsy whenever we can. Whether we go for a walk in the neighborhood or stroll in the mall, his well-being always stays at the apex of my concerns. One time, I disconnected his safety backpack-leash inside a toy store in a mall during a mallwide sale day while I checked out some goods. In a split second, he disappeared into thin air! Oh, how my spirit jumped out of my body! So many scenarios popped out of my head during those intense moments. I looked for him next shelf. Not there. I heaved a sigh only, a very deep one, when I found out he was just right behind me!

From then on, I always keep an eye on him. Especially in the escalator. So many escalator accident stories, some even have attained urban legend status. I caught this photo (posted below) circulating around the internet. Scares the hell out of me!

Children are the usual victims in escalator accidents. There have been many reported escalator accidents in Singapore, Japan and the United States. Some accidents reportedly happen because the shoes got caught in the gap between the steps at the top, bottom or side (as seen above) of the escalator.

In October this year, a seven-year old boy's toe was accidentally cut in an escalator accident in Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre in Singapore. 

Some accidents were fatal. In March this year, a four-year old boy was killed in Sears Department store in Massachusetts, USA. The boy reportedly grabbed the moving handrails, was dragged to the gap in the escalator and fell 18 feet.

Always keep your children safe in the escalator! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

NAIA in top 10 most hated airport in the world by CNNgo

Just when I thought I heard the worst of it,  NAIA once again is in the news. This time in CNNgo! So, guess which spot does NAIA occupy this time in The World's 10 Most Hated Airports?

Anong petsa na?!?!?!

CNNgo's Jordan Rane says: 

"But let’s be clear. The most hated airports in the world are not the worst airports in the world."
THE NAIA TERMINAL 3| beautiful, expensive and new, yes! but is the structure safe?


World's 10 most hated airports 

The smelliest toilets, the longest queues, the rudest staff ... sometimes air rage feels justified By Jordan Rane 9 November, 2011

Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Ninoy Aquino International, Manila, Philippines

<----Wear a helmet -- the first collapsed ceiling in 2006 at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Beleaguered by ground crew strikes, unkempt conditions, soup kitchen-style lines that feed into more lines and an overall sense of futility, NAIA brings the term “Stuck in the 1970s” to a new level. 
At Terminal 1 all non-Philippine Airlines remain crammed despite serious overcapacity issues and a new and underused Terminal 3 is occupied by a few minor carriers. 
A rash of bad press this year (including a “Worst in the World” ribbon from Sleeping in Airports) was capped by a collapsed ceiling in T1, a paralyzing ground service strike at T2, and the usual charges of tampered luggage, filthy restrooms, seat shortages at gates, re-sealed water bottles sold in retail shops and an Amazing Race-style check-in routine spiked with bureaucracy, broken escalators, lengthy Dot Matrix passenger lists and creative airport departure fees. 
for the rank and complete list, click here >>> to find out

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 things to do in Bais and Tanjay, Negros Oriental

Blades of green stretches to as far as my eyes can see. A sweet smell hangs heavy in the air. On both sides of the road, workers cutting sugarcane form a neat line at the edge of the plantation.

Welcome to Bais the signage reads. I paid Php55.00 to the konduktor  mindless of my notes on ancestral houses dotting the landscape and written inside my head.

It's half past three in the afternoon. The dust in the road seems never to settle. For the most part, truck after truck loaded with newly cut sugarcane occupies one lane of the road headed to Central Azucarera de Bais (est. 1918) and Universal Robina Sugar Mills where the sugarcane is processed.

The idyllic countryside of Bais and Tanjay is cut straight from an Amorsolo painting sans the women garbed in traditional Filipino clothing. But don't let the pictures fool you. Bais and Tanjay are emerging cities in Oriental Negros. The bulk of the two cities income are from sugarcane being two of the largest sugarcane producing cities in the province.

During the sugarcane boom in the 1930s, big homes in the hacienda played hosts to lavish parties. At present, bungalows designed in graceful colonial flare grace block after block in Poblacion, Bais. In my previous visit, I've seen the remnants of the cities' rich past through the photos that adorned the walls of La Planta Hotel cafe. brings you 5 things to do in Bais and Tanjay:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

vote now! miss the traffic! plus win P25 Million! vote for PP Underground River!

On 11-11-11 (Friday this week) or 3 days from now, the final New Seven Wonders of Nature will be determined!

Philippines' pride, Puerto Princesa Underground River, the 8.2 km. navigable underground river is in the running with 27 equally strong contenders! Located 50 kilometers north of Puerto Princesa City in Palawan, the river is one of its kind in the world! I've visited the river early this year and I only have superlatives for its natural beauty! Truly, Only In the Philippines!
"A distinguishing feature of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers."

"At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing right to the water's edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave,"--New Seven Wonders of Nature website

Let's show our Filipino pride! Let's support Puerto Princesa Underground River!

Winning in this contest is not only about increased popularity for the Underground River
  • it translates to a steady increase in tourist arrivals which means...
  • jobs and more revenues for the locals
  • and most importantly, a heightened awareness in nature conservation.

Here's the catch: P25 MILLION prize money!
One lucky texter stands to win the biggest prize money in text messaging with the launching of the “Pera sa Kweba” text raffle promo for the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) in Palawan.

The promo, which runs for 90 days from September 30 to December 28 of this year, will give away more than P30 million worth of cash prizes, with the grand prize set at P25 million and five consolation prizes of one million pesos each to be drawn on December 30, 2011.

Texters can also win P10,000 in daily draws, P100,000 in bi-weekly draws, and P250,000 in monthly draws throughout the promo period. All winning numbers will be drawn electronically.

Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon J. P. Paje said that the promo is an initiative of the private sector to promote Puerto Princesa City as an important ecotourism destination, particularly the PPUR, which is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site.

He added that the promo would educate the public more on the PPUR and “show everyone why it is a deserving finalist in the New Seven Wonders of Nature global competition.”

The text raffle promo is open to all postpaid and prepaid subscribers of Globe, TM, Sun, Smart or Talk N’ Text at P2.50 per SMS. There is no need for registration.

To vote, simply text PPUR to 2861.
Another option is to log on to the website. Just click this >>>

Monday, November 7, 2011

goin' bananas on the road

FIRSTPERSONseries brings you silly and hilarious experiences of today's most prolific Filipino travel bloggers.

How many times have you jumped out of your skin just because your little ones suddenly disappeared in the middle of a busy airport or big shopping mall? What about coming to a trip ill-prepared for frigid weather and long hike? But the most common and most hilarious of all time, our experiences with the most ubiquitous of all travel essentials--the camera. These and more in this week's edition of FIRSTPERSON.

Let's get started:
Mine has to be in Hong Kong when I was with the Happy Meal (Eileen’s daughter). I was taking her photo and when I quickly reviewed the shot for like a second, pagbaba ng camera, she was gone! We were still at the airport and I couldn't believe I already lost her. This was the beginning of her bulaga stage. Nagtago pala sa likod ng luggage. Eileen Campos of   

My first time in Sagada 6 years ago. I didn't know where it was but friends told me we'll be seeing the Rice Terraces. I didn't research about the place. I only brought with me sandos and shorts, a couple of shirts, and a cardigan cause it was summer. I woke up freezing when we were in Banaue na.

 So, fine. Keribells na ang lamig. We took a jeep to Batad Saddle Point and I asked where we were going and sabi nila sa akin we're gonna walk to the village daw ng Batad. I thought a few meters lang, so I changed to my Thai Pants which was heavy and long and looked like a long skirt. Then, we trekked for 2 friggin hours!!!! We stopped na sa village for brunch tapos dumeretso agad sa Tappiyah Falls... still with my Thai pants on trekking up and down the terraces cause I couldn't change kasi my things were back at Saddle Point and I was only wearing undies inside. It was a daytrip, so the same afternoon we trekked all the way back to Saddle Point. All the time, I was dragging the long pair of heavy pants. Haggard!

 To make things worse, when we passed by one of the villages, there were kids following me screaming 'Bakla! Bakla! Bakla!'--Robbie Bautista of
Well, this just happened today. First plan was to really check out El Nido pero makakapos talaga kami sa oras at di na makakapag Underground River Tour. I asked advices from Pinoy Travel Bloggers and most of them told us na sa Puerto nalang maggala kasi maganda. Di daw dapat ma miss ang UGR and may next time pa naman. Of course excited kami, on the way to UGR, when I turned on our gigicam, biglang may kagimbalgimbal na display sa camera. "NO MEMORY CARD"! !@^$^%$#%i@%#($(@#($(!!! nagturuan pa kami ni sheena kung sino ang may kasalanan kong bakit naiwan ang memory card. We ended up using Sheena's iphone nalang to capture the pix in UGR. Edcel Ceniza of

…yung sakin sa Libingan ng mga Bayani. Naglakad ako ng 4 km. kahit may pera naman akong pang tricycle (feel ko lang magtipid). Tapos nung palabas na ako sa libingan, naghanap ako ng shortcut na hindi na dadaan sa main gate kasi tatanungin pa ako nung guard kaya pumasok ako sa isang masukal na lagusan and then bigla ako inatake ng mga insect na color black.--Ivan BriƱas Cultura of

Ako naman dahil sa sobrang picture ako ng picture sa sarili ko sa Puerto galera at pinapatong ko lang sa bato yung camera ko, humangin ng nalagyan ng buhangin ng lens part ng point and shoot ko, ayaw sumara! nasira si cam, sa kagustuhan kong magawa uli kasi didirecho kami ng APO REEF (yun talaga ang highlight ng trip) the next day, bumili ako ng isang set ng screw drivers para lang mabuksan si camera, pero madugo pala yun ang dameng component sa loob! nagtataka ako bakit may kuryente yung camera, nung malapit kong mabuo (not sure kung nagawa ko nga), nakuryente uli ako at nabitawan ko sa buhanginan, kaya ayun, syempre give up na ako. wala tuloy akong camera nagamit, wala tuloy sunset photo na parang aurora borealis ang effect! Darwin Miranda Cayetano of

 …asking for directions in shanghai: "ni hao! donde esta yuyuan?" foreign language fail!--AJ Poliquit of

We were a family of six adults and two kids traveling in Macau. Walking for some 5 minutes inside Venetian, we missed one kid. Naiwan pala namin at the entrance of the hotel!--Lili Ram of

Noong Davao trip namin last August, bumuntot ako sa night shooting (tama ba term?) ni Jerome Baluyut sa city then went to People's Park. I wanted to capture yung lamp posts so kung ano-ano pinagcliclick ko sa settings ng cam to get the shot I wanted. Then, all of a sudden nawala na ang display sa screen! When I tried to take a pic, meron naman lumalabas. Sabi ko "hala! nasira na!" so from that evening till nag Samal Island kami ni Ed & Sheena the next day, I was using my gigicam like a DSLR. nilalagay ko mata ko dun sa viewfinder para mag picture2x! Then, Edcel Ceniza borrowed my cam nung pauwi na kami to see ano ang problem. Ayun! napress ko pala display button. Feeling ko para akong tanga nun. I forgot about that display button! --Doi Domasian of

facelift of NAIA terminal one?

Who needs botox when one can be reborn in the same lifetime?

First world efficiency meets Filipino warmth and hospitality! This perhaps will be the image of NAIA once the new and improved Terminal One becomes fully operational next year. Terminal One is groomed to be the best boutique airport in the region. It's more than botox, it's like a rebirth of sorts!

I'm looking forward to improved services like incorporating the terminal fee in the ticket so there's no need to line up anymore! Nice.

From send-off to boarding, it appears that everything will be seamless. It also promises better dining choices, more open spaces, tastefully decorated waiting lounges and yes, beautiful and clean restrooms! Plus a changing art exhibit! A showcase of the best of the islands! For budget travelers like me, it's disappointing to hear though that no free sleeping quarters will be provided.

It's barely just a week after Kenneth Cobonpue posted the video on the proposed renovation of NAIA Terminal 1. Now, the proposal gets the nod of the government with a one billion peso budget! Oh, how the government acts swiftly these days! Makes me extremely happy!   

Renovation work will begin in January with DOTC Secretary Manuel Roxas at the helm.

Good vibes just keep flowing!

the news can be read here >>>

Sunday, November 6, 2011

transportation schedule: from Dumaguete to Cebu, Sipalay & elsewhere

You will find in this post an updated schedule of transportation from Dumaguete to Cebu, Sipalay, Bacolod and elsewhere. But before that, I have here a candid shot of my sleeping (with mouth wide open! and yes, some are even drooling) colleagues during a trip!

this is my own version of sleeper bus :)

All of them got tired from the long bus ride (except me and a student). The bored, silly me, as expected, took out the camera and as I say, the rest is frozen in embarrassing history as seen in the photo above! I know, heads will roll once they found out I  posted this photo for the whole world to see. haha