Monday, January 23, 2012

Contemporary Cebu Art Exhibition

I chanced upon the exhibit Contemporary Art Cebu at Cebu City Museum along Osmena Boulevard. The exhibit will run until January 31. I'd have to say that it was actually more of a pleasant discovery. I did not know there was an ongoing art exhibit in the hall above the public library until I escaped the noise (ironically) inside the library!

It was one of many drab afternoons that I found myself reading the news. I was hoping I would find quiet once inside only to be greeted with a running-shouting kid once I pushed the door open. Surprisingly, the library personnel were tolerant. How laid-back, huh! Everyone played coy.

I went to the internet section and asked the staff if, by any chance, the library had wifi. The staff didn't know so she asked her superior, the stocky lady seated infront of the computer "facebooking." She coldly answered yes but there's something wrong with the connection without even bothering to look at me (she was "facebooking" the whole time in spite of the big note behind her that says it's not allowed!). In my mind's eye, the lady's skin is caramelized already, her fat dripping in red coal.

On my way out, I saw the streamer about an art exhibit. When I asked the guard about it, he said it's ongoing. I went up the exhibition hall:

No one was there but the door was left open. So, I went inside.

I was thrilled to discover that the hall has been renovated. Very modern. In a bleep, I felt like I was transported to an art gallery in Singapore. Such a nice venue for art exhibits and functions.

After taking-in the creative energy emanating from the hall, I made a closer look at the paintings and sculptures, one by one.

By the time I finished, no one was still there. The aircon was humming. The hall growing cold by the minute. I had goosebumps. So I went out and gingerly closed the door. If I took one painting home, nobody would know. Just kidding.

I found this info from the net:
The exhibit, which is curated by JV Castro, is designed to bring national attention to contemporary Cebuano artists and their works. It is open to the public until Jan. 31. 
The Alternative Contemporary Art Studio, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), and The Grove by Rockwell, partnered together to launch this annual exhibit. The first exhibit was held in June 2011 in Manila at the Ateneo de Manila University and Picasso Boutique Hotel. 
This year’s Contemporary Cebu art exhibit features the works of Palmy Pe-Tudtud, Marvin Natural, Kidlat of the Junks Collective, Karl Roque, Sio Montera, Ritchie Quijano, Vidal Alcoseba, and Tito Cuevas. Russ Ligtas will give Butoh performances on Jan. 12 and 13.


  1. I would love to check this out when I move to Cebu.

    It's heartbreaking to know that art museums are often neglected now.

    1. come to cebu. quick.
      there are regular art exhibitions here.

  2. hi, i'm a landscape photographer... I would like to check some art gallery in Cebu...Is there any bank hotels that you can recommend for us? Thank you...Is so nice to hear you......

    1. hi dale! what do you mean by bank hotels?

  3. Very interesting. Thank you! I will visit this place soon if the extremely wintery weather here allows us to get to the airport today as planned. I am very interested in Cebuano and Boholano art.


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