Saturday, February 25, 2012

cheap rooms in Siargao Island

The cheapest published room rate in Cloud 9, Siargao doesn't go below Php500.00 (USD11.00) but if you haggle, you can actually get one for only Php350.00 (7 USD) or less.

The local I met at the pumpboat to Siargao recommended Kesa's after I told her I was looking for a Php500 room. I got one room at Kesa's convinced that it was a good deal already.

It is actually a nipa hut or shack with two beds. Location wise, it's ideal. The staff are friendly and the free wifi connection is very reliable but I wouldn't really recommend staying at the hut because it's falling apart. The following morning, bukbok or bol weevil droppings were all over my bed already! When I asked for a discount when I checked out, the staff wouldn't give me. Epic fail!

The Boardwalk @ Cloud 9 Resort

Next to Kesa is The Boardwalk @ Cloud 9--located right smack at the heart of where the real action is. Room rates could go as low as Php250.00 for the shared room. Had I known that they have a budget room with the same rate as Kesa's, I would have stayed with them.

I had my dinner here for two consecutive nights and I'd have to say that this place rocks! Good service by the happy staff was very consistent and the serving of food that averages Php250.00 per dish caters to voracious of appetites.

Ocean Pacific Inn and Restaurant 
+63.908.393.2796 and +63.930.188.0363

The room rate at Ocean Pacific is also a deal breaker. During lean season, room rates that are pegged at Php500.00 can actually go for as low as Php350.00 per night if you bargain.

Surf's up, let's go!



  1. Wow ok ang price RV tnx for sharing this, i am presently here in siargao na, wil stay here for 2 days tnx alot

    1. enjoy the island vibes there. happy surfing :D


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