Wednesday, February 15, 2012

“heart-rending and rip-roaringly funny”

It's been two months since I quit my job. Now that I am back in the big city with all the time in my hands, I keep myself busy checking the art scenes here and there. It's this palpable energy I sorely missed since I left Cebu four years ago.

In a few months, I'll get bored with this scene, I know. I'll pack up and then find myself elsewhere, again. For now, I am enjoying every bit of it while it lasts. 

For a couple of weekends now, I've been doing photography assignments for Little Boy--a production company specialising in theatre. With the assignment comes the privilege of watching the show for free. 

I've heard a lot of good reviews about the Palanca award-winning play Welcome to Intelstar written by Chris Martinez. It's an interactive comedy about the call center industry in the Philippines. For those who are not familiar, Mr. Martinez wrote the screenplay for Kimi Dora and 100, hit movies top-billed by Eugene Domingo (Domingo and Michael V have played the main character Miss Chelsea during its Manila run).

In Cebu, the main character Miss Chelsea is played by writer-editor and host--Jude Bacalso. 

Jude Bacalso takes on the role of Miss Chelsea, a high-level trainer conducting an orientation seminar to the audience who “plays” the part of her new batch of call center trainees. Dressed impeccably in a power suit and using the required “neutral American accent,” Miss Chelsea discusses everything you wanted to know about call centers but were perhaps afraid to ask. “Welcome to IntelStar” promises to be a funny and rare theatrical experience that is not to be missed.--lifted from

For lack of better words, the show was gut-busting. Do not miss the subtle kick in the gut found at the ending. Hugyaw ra!  

Catch the last run of the comedic monologue on March 4, 2012 (Sunday) at 3 and 5pm, CAP Arts Center (across McDonald's Jones). Tickets at only P150 at the gate.

special thanks to the kind Hendri Go for the invitation

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