Monday, March 26, 2012

backpacking and faith: an interview with Jimvic

For many young people, traveling can be a life-changing adventure. 

better or worse?
Others who backpack for months on end come home broke, jobless and depressed. Those who are lucky enough, come home with a job offer laid out on the table. Our featured Pinoy backpacker set out for a month-long journey across Southeast Asia between jobs and came home with a job waiting for him. Lucky fellow.

luck or faith?
Divine providence I'd have to say. Our featured Pinoy traveler is a man with unquenchable thirst to travel and with a fervent devotion to his faith as Christian. His name: Jimvic Po Dy. Jimvic was gracious enough to grant an interview in spite of his busy schedule.

Portraying street fighters on location in Shanghai, China—a dream come true...--Jimvic
In his blog he wrote: We complain that modern society is so dark, not realizing that the problem is not that the darkness is there, but that the light is absent.

Jimvic graduated with a Communication degree from the University of the Philippines in the Visayas-Cebu and  held various capacities (as Sales Manager) in Unilever and Glaxosmithkline prior to his present designation as Sales Manager for Information Technology Products at Samsung.

10 questions about travel for Happy Mondays Playpool. Let's get started.

1. Book or Kindle? 

2. Piano or guitar? 
    Piano. Grand piano.

3. Nikon or Canon? 
    Sony Cybershot. I believe great photos are primarily subject and composition.

4. What are your crazy ideas about travel 100 years from now? 
    The Moon and Mars.

5. What is the perfect way to spend a weekend in Cebu? 

    Edge Coaster ride on Sat morning, Mountain View afternoon til evening, then chill on the beach on Sunday.

6. What’s the most memorable part of your Southeast Asia backpacking trip? Would you do it all over again?  
    Yes. Everything about it. It was a well-paced month-long tour with great friends in beautiful but not-so-known cities.

7. How do you maintain a healthy marriage between your job and your travel? 
   The trick is always to plan ahead, and get the blessing of your superior ahead of time. It also helps if you have declared that traveling is your passion.

8. What was the craziest thing you did while on the road?  
    Seriously? This will be published, right?

9. What are your travel essentials? 
    My hygiene kit, iPad (or iPod Touch), a camera, Fita spicy tuna sandwich biscuit, toilet paper.

10. If the world would listen to you for 15 seconds, what would you say? 
      I'd say that there is no other time to explore the world but now. Nobody wants to save money during one's prime years then spend them cruising as an old person unable to fully enjoy the joys of travel.

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*all photos courtesy: Jimvic Po Dy

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