Saturday, March 3, 2012

cheap rooms in Socorro, Bucas Grande Islands, Surigao del Norte

The islands in Bucas Grande, off-the-beaten and located right in the fringes of the Pacific Ocean (less than an hour by pumpboat from Siargao Island), keep several secrets.  To unlock the many secrets the island holds, one needs to swing by the town called Socorro--the jump-off point.

aerial image of Sohoton Cove. screen capture through google earth

Secret lagoons in Sohoton Cove (accessible only during low tide), pockets of hidden waterfalls and a host of quaint fishing villages are just a few of the attractions in the island. A day is not enough to explore its natural beauty so I highly recommend spending a night or two in Socorro. No five-star beds in the area, just spartan accommodation.

Here are the cheap accommodations I found around town:

Island Vacations

the view of each room with the friendly innkeepers Jelson and Joanna Calamba (0939.481.0522)

Php600.00 for 2 pax (AC dorm room, can accommodate up to 8 pax) extra: P250.00/pax.
Php300.00 for 2 pax (fan dorm room, can accommodate up to 4 pax). extra: Php150.00/pax

centrally located and there's free wifi (but connection is a hit or miss)

Anthony's Seaside Guesthouse 

the rooms at the guesthouse. lower left photo is Anthony and her wife

Php600.00 for 2 pax (fan room)
Php1,000.00 for 2 pax (AC room) extra person: Php100.00
Php1,200.00 for 2 pax (AC room with twin bed)

True to its name, the guesthouse is located right smack on a seaside a few blocks from the center of town.

LGU Training Center
0946.317.8016 (Cheryl Antigro)

Php200.00 per pax (AC room that can accommodate up to 6 guests)
Php150.00 per pax (fan room that can accommodate up to 6 guests)

The location is right beside the Municipal Hall of Socorro and just one block away from the pier and public market.

Bucas Grande Balanghai Hotel
0907.893.1233 (Elona Consigna)

Php600.00 for 3 pax (AC room) extra person: Php200.00
Php150.00 per person (dormitory room good for 9 guests)

Don't let the "hotel" word attached to its name fool you. It's a very basic accommodation. The building has seen better days. It's located right behind the public market.

the only entrance to the secret cove is through a natural tunnel accessible only during low tide

I hope they maintain the pristine beauty of the islands and coves and do away with hideous and overrated resorts that now dot around many of its cove. The damage these tacky "resorts" create is irreversible!


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