Tuesday, March 27, 2012

surf and sail camp resort in Siargao Island

In Siargao, surf and sail is an acquired taste like eating sea urchin sashimi with Tanduay rhum.

the massage area at the second floor
And just like surfing which was unheard of in the sleepy island until two expats introduced the adventure sport 30 years ago, one resort introduces a cherished (and in a hush-hush kind of way) adventure deep into the jungle, in a secret crystal cave network in the island. Just kidding!

The resort did not register in my itinerary until an acquaintance I met in Magpupungko highly recommended I must swing by the place and meet the uniquely crazy expat owner named Jack and wife Ferelyn. Perfect! since I was craving for a mango shake to shake off (pun intended) the sweltering afternoon and wild thoughts on an impending tsunami (inside my head) after a jolt (probably 5 in the richter scale) ten minutes earlier.

Even before I could step into the artsy lobby, I was already met with the warmest smiles from the couple. In a matter of minutes, I sure felt I've known them from many lifetimes. I had blast!

hotel california in siargao island :)
Jack mentioned he has Hotel California. In my mind's eye, thoughts were running wild! To which I replied he was just pulling my leg. It turned out there is indeed Hotel California sitting in the backyard! haha

Jack showed me the rest of the property. I had fun looking at the eclectic art collection they have. From the fire exit that actually leads to nowhere to the Jose Rizal statue disguised as Charlie Chaplain.

I was amazed at the display of masks, framed souvenir shirts, posters and vinyl. 

As we travel, we seek not only the comforts of home but the warmth of friendship as well. Because in the end, it's all about the people. Here are the fantastic staff of the resort who gamely pose for me.

The fantastic couple: Jack and Ferelyn:

Have you ever felt like staying in a hotel that basically feels like a “hotel”? Most tourists are irked by the feeling of travelling away from home since some of the places that they have stayed really made them feel the distance from their natural habitat. Funny we should use the word habitat, since, here at Jafe Surf and Sail Camp Resort, it is not only a home away from home – transcend from the usual. Be allured by our hospitable staff who will treat you not like a tourist, but who will provide you with a Filipino atmosphere making you feel that you belong in this place. Fall in love with the locals who can make this trip more than memorable for you and your entire family. --jafe website

I mentioned earlier about a hush-hush adventure. There is one, deep into the jungle. It's an off-the-beaten trail for the those who are looking for some adventure into the wild. What that is? Ask Jack. 

room rates:
Php500.00  budget fan room good for 1 pax (hotel california B)
Php750.00 budget fan room good for 2 pax (hotel california A) or fan room in the main house
Php2,000.00 ac room good for 2

On going promo: Jafe Package Promo


  • P3,800.00 / pax net for AC room
  • P1,750.00/ pax net for non-AC room

Aircon Room, Daily Breakfast, Roundtrip Transfer (Sayak Airport to Jafe Resort), Day Tour with map at Magpopongko (nature pool ). Minimum of 2 pax

For inquiries, call (032) 511.7824 | +639193796244 (Jack McCormack)| +639398507701 (Ferelyn McCormack) or visit www.jafesurfandsail.com

the beach infront of jafe resort


  1. In my opinion if there is a mini boracay in the philippines I guess it's siargao. Ganda ng lugar at mababait din ung mga tao. When I came back from singapore, I would visit the place for sure. Can't wait but to smash the waves with my surfing board. I'm not an expert surfer but the foundation of surfing I got was from siargao.

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