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where to stay in Dumaguete City (budget rooms)

Travelers on a budget may "occasionally" find it hard to score a cheap room in Dumaguete. 

the reason? 
Between lean seasons, Dumaguete hosts at least eight regular big events. There's Santacruzan and Kabulakan Festival (May), Silliman Founder's Day (August), City Fiesta and Charter Day (November) and Buglasan Festival (October). In between are Graduation Ceremonies in March and October plus a host of national conventions.

Dumaguete credits its youthful vibe largely to a young population--mostly students from other parts of the country who come to Dumaguete to study. The reason why city hotels and pension houses are always in full house during a certain week in the months of March and October when parents and relatives visit the city for the commencement exercises. But the biggest event would have to be in August when the city exudes a frenzied energy that lasts one week when Silliman University alumni come home for Founder's Day.

look ahead
One time, I did not book ahead on the assumption that it's a laid back city only to find out that there was no available room everywhere because there was a convention that time. If only I looked further, I could have found a nice and clean but cheap room.

I visited a few budget accommodations away from Dumaguete City's "epicenter"  yet close enough it merits only a minimum tricycle fare to get to Rizal Boulevard. 

options on where to stay in Dumaguete
So, when Dumaguete City gets extra busy and rooms are hard to find, here are the aces up your sleeve:

Tiptop Tower
South National Highway (walking distance from Robinson's)
 (035) 226-3838/ (035) 422-8353/ 0918.926.6332
standard room (aircon, private t/b, hot and cold shower, telephone, free wifi)
Php600.00 (single)/Php750.00 (double)

Casa de Monteverde
Daro, Dumaguete City
(035) 226-2305/(035) 422-5329/0917.726.7398
standard (aircon, hot and hold shower, catv and wifi)
Php500.00 (single)/Php800.00 (twin-sharing)

*Vintage Inn
E. Surban St., (across the public market)
(035) 225-1076/ (035) 422-9106
economy room (fan, private t/b, telephone, free wifi)
Php300.00 (single)/Php400 (double)

standard room (aircon, telephone, private t/b and free wifi)
Php400.00 (single)/Php600.00 (double)

deluxe room (aircon, catv, ensuite t/b, hot and cold shower, telephone and free wifi)
Php500.00 (single)/Php700.00 double

*location is right across the Public Market and only three blocks from Rizal Boulevard

Moriah Pension Inn
Molave St., Daro, Dumaguete City
(035) 422-9973/0917.314.3441
standard (aircon, catv, hot and cold shower, internet service)
Php450.00 (single)/Php550.00 (matrimonial)

If you only need a no-frills place to sleep that borders on the seedy, here is the list:

Home Quest Lodge
Silliman Avenue
(035) 421-2465/0906.671.9258
Single Room (common toilet and bath)
Php190.00 (fan)/Php300.00 (aircon)

Double Room (aircon)
Php430.00 (common t/b)/Php550.00 (ensuite toilet and bath with catv)

Family Room (same amenities as double room; good for 5 pax)

*with wi-fi

Home Quest Lodge has the cheapest rates in the area. It's located right across Silliman University Campus. But you get what you pay for: dingy room and dirty common toilet and bath  

Flores Ave., Looc (near the pier)
(035) 422.1975

single Php450.00/double Php620.00
all rooms with catv, aircon, hot and cold shower.

OK Pensionne
Santa Rosa Street, Dumaguete City
(035) 225-5702/(035) 422-7731

non-aircon Php275.00
aircon room (double) Php440.00
deluxe room (single) Php550.00
deluxe room (double) Php660.00

Here is a list of other budget hotels in Dumaguete City:

Perdices cor. Pinili St. Dumaguete City
Tel #: (035) 225-6219/422-9671

Cervantes St. Dumaguete City
Tel #: (035) 225-0579/422-7807

Hibbard Ave. Dumaguete City
Tel #: (035) 225-8000/422-4961

Rizal Blvd. Dumaguete City
Tel #: (035) 255-1181

Siliman Ave. Dumaguete City
Tel #: (035) 422-4771

Dumaguete South Road, Calindagan Dumaguete City
Tel #: (035) 225-9622 0r 9623

Katada St. Dumaguete City
Tel #: (035) 225-5214

Perdices St. Dumaguete City
Tel #: (035) 225-4111 or 4112

North Road, National Highway Dumaguete City
Tel #: (035) 225-1519 or 3633


  1. wow sakto to for my trip next month! :) still undecided where to stay. I'm considering Staying at Harold's but Gohotel daw to open next month.

    1. harold's is really cool for the backpacker vibes. go hotel nama for the no-frills accommodation with a five star bed

    2. Open na nga ang Dumaguete branch and it's 388 and 588 only per night (depending on the day).

    3. yep. they have a different pricing scheme. walk-in rate is higher. the cheaper rates are for early booking :)

    4. i would suggest book ahead online to avail of the low rates ng gohotel dumaguete. i hope you enjoy dumaguete as much as i did. cheers!

  2. I think GoHotel is already open. You might want to include it in your post. It's just a stone's throw away from Robinson's.

    Thank you for blogging about this, it would be a big help for our local tourism. I hope it's okay if I share your post on the FB wall of our tourism office? Their new marketing slogan is "The fun starts in Negros Oriental naturally."

    1. go ahead Rachelle. I'll make a separate entry on accommodations above Php1,000 which gohotel belongs. methinks it's in the league of la residencia almar and hotel nicanor

      the fun starts in NegOr naturally :)

  3. nice. place is perfect after a walk around the sleepy town of dumaguete.

  4. I've been planning to visit either DUmaguete or Antique this year. But luckily, I stumbled over this post via Facebook.

    1. choose dumaguete. the city will surely charm you :D

  5. And then there's Dumaguete which just opened. You may want to add that to your list. Great post by the way :)

  6. Eep! Home Quest looks scary! Hahaha. The first four look nice though.

    When we were there, we stayed sa Bethel Guesthouse and paid P500 each. Pwede na and everything was clean and great service and nice bathroom. It's right in fornt of the plaza in your first pic. =D

    1. good to hear. did you try the halo-halo at cafe filomena (ground floor, bethel). yum! :)

  7. wowowo. Looks like pretty bad that place I prefer to travel to thailand where I can get got value for money. I would feel sick if I have to travel to a dirty country like the phillipines and the rooms look so overprice and dirty

    1. weh. then don't.duh

    2. leche, panira ka sa blog na ito! If I know pa lamang, I will never gayud! hahaha!!

      baka mas gusgusin ka pa sa sinasabi mong DIRTY COUNTRY, kaya ka nagtatago sa pagiging anonymous, kumag ka :P

  8. hi can you recommend things that i can do in Dumaguete because I will be travelling alone and that's for 5days and 4 nights and the cheapest but safest place to stay as well :)

  9. Naloka ako dun sa picture ng seedy places hahaha. Are you still based in Dumaguete RV?

    1. wagas! hahaha
      hi Nina! yep, i am still based in Duma. what's up? :)

  10. Going to Dgte come Oct! :) right on time for Valencia's fiesta and the Buglasan. Cannot wait.
    Hhmmm where to stayyyy??!!!!

    1. How much is your budget per night?

    2. Hey mr looney. Saan po sa dumaguete yung may roong rooms per hour? Yung mga cheap lang po. Pampalipas lang ng oras sa shota ko. *if u know what i mean* not from this island kasi

  11. hello can anyone suggest me a good and safe to stay in dumaguete?and not really far away from pier...

    1. Hi Jervi. How much is your budget per night?

  12. Hi, can you suggest a good and cheap/budget inn or pension near antulang? Thanks

  13. Hi are the prices still the same up to now? Thanks. :)

  14. Hi! This is very helpful. Can you suggest other good (or better) yet cheap inns or pension houses near Rizal Boulevard? Thanks!

  15. Sights and delights are main reason why I visited the place. But of course one of the best sights I've ever had when I was in the place was the dolphin show at bais bay. The accomodations were one of a kind together with the people. Seems I was backed home here in sophia hills residences singapore because of the patient service.

  16. Any reviews about Go Hotels? I'm looking forward from your answer.:D

  17. are these rates still updated?

  18. Dumaguete is really a nice place. Unfortunately, we encountered some mean pedicab drivers, hostile bank tellers, unaccomodating receptionists and waiters, even a very bad hotel service. Not to mention the hotel. We won't be staying any longer here. Tsk tsk tsk

  19. Hi...I badly need your help....I will be having a week seminar @ landbank dumaguete branch....which one is the most affordable & the nearest in the bank? I've never been naman po..salamat

  20. hi! i need your help can you recommend me some affordable rent rooms? kanang 1000.00 ang budget good for 2 person and 2 nights to stay. please...

  21. @ Merilyn Dagoy - Try at St francis pension house, beside pharmacia mamita,nearby silliman medical center. Php600/night

    Also at optimum pension house, at Php500/night,near freedom park

  22. I've tried a lot of hotels in Dumaguete. The Gazebo, OK Pensionne, Check Inn and Tip Top. You might also want to include Novotel and GO Hotel, both were nice, only Novotel was cheaper. In GO hotel the only downside is you can't eat inside the room. But if I were to choose one of the best stays I had in all the hotels I've mentioned, it would be in Check Inn. Because they have a lot of amenities, and rooms are huge. The room we booked has a refrigerator, big tv, and a safe for money and other important belongings, and their beds were so comfy to lie on.

  23. Hi
    I'll be going to dumaguete on holy week, and it's I'm still looking for a place to stay overnight . Are the rates you published still the same?
    It'll be a great help to me.

  24. Hi..we'll be visiting dumag sometime ds month...12 persons..can you suggest for a homestay in dumag?

  25. hello we get room fully furnished in bacong 5 km from robinson safe and quiet 4000 php a month plus electric wifi available 20php/D

  26. Thank you for very usefull information.. The Hub

  27. going to dumaguete on the 25th, pls suggest a hotel/In near foundation University, single room with affordable prize thanx


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