Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bryde's whale spotted in Bohol

  “With the banca engine off, the huge whoosh of breath could be easily heard across the water,”  Ponzos on his experience sighting the Bryde's whale 

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The news lifted from Bohol Standard says that a group of marine biologists and researchers caught sight of a Bryde's whale calmly feeding off-Pamilacan Island in Baclayon town.

Bryde's whales are large whales that feed primarily on plankton and small fish and are seen in tropical or subtropical waters with abundant fish supply.

The group led by Dr. Alessandro Ponzos spotted the same Bryde's whale for two days. Ponzos is a marine biologist connected with Physalus-LaMaVe or Large Marine Vertebrate Project--an international marine research project based in Jagna, Bohol. Ponzos said that the sighting lend hope that the Bryde's whale population may be making a comeback.

Bryde's whales were heavily hunted until the 1990s in the sea off-Pamilacan Island in my home province Bohol.

Here's an illustration showing how huge a Bryde's whale really is:

The closest encounter I had with the Bryde's whale was in Silliman Marine Laboratory. And it was a skeleton! If that counts. Now, I am looking forward to see the real thing!

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