Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kawasan Falls temporarily closed to the public

The Department of Tourism Central Visayas has issued an advisory that Kawasan Falls in Badian town, Cebu is closed to tourists for a week.

Yesterday, the demolition of illegal structures in the vicinity of Kawasan Falls started (a day after Gov. Gwen Garcia's deadline to remove the illegal structures).

Looking forward to see the restored Kawasan Falls in a week or two (sans the ugly cottages)!


  1. That was what I noticed right away during my visit there, the fugly looking cottages and other structures. Good thing they will rid of it. My brother though as off timing as he went there earlier to find out its closed.

    1. the kind of will power we need in governance. out the jologs cottages and in the more natural beauty of Kawasan Falls! hihi

      naks naman. your brother will have to wait for a week pa

  2. Yey! Back to the original Kawasan Falls.
    Can't wait to go back. :)


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