Friday, April 20, 2012

easy Sunday on a weekday at Sunday, 2pm Cafe

The name of the cafe caught my eye at first glance. But the interior, playful and artsy, definitely was the deal breaker.

The name: Sunday, 2pm carries with it a certain mystery. Is it open only during that day and time? I checked out the place to find out.

It was a muggy Thursday afternoon when I stopped by the cafe.

The design and ambience is reminiscent of hip cafes in Korea's Hongdae District: playful, fresh, artsy and laid back. The concept, though relatively new, was introduced already in Cebu a decade ago with book cafes like Book-o-bar and my all-time favorite Pitcher Plant Joos Bar.

I ordered iced blueberry tea (Php100.00).

In between sips, I checked out the fine details here and there

I chanced upon the cafe owner and asked him a few questions.

His name is Sean Yoo. When I asked Sean about the reason behind the name, he smiled and was quick to say that Sunday, 2pm captures an image of a relaxing and peaceful day. I couldn't agree more. Lazy and easy Sundays are my favorites back in Valencia.

The cafe has a wide collection of books (English and Korean titles) and DVDs for guests to use (on guests own laptop or portable dvd player). There's free wifi, too.

I got a post-it and scribbled something for Love.

The cafe is tucked right at the corner of Sarrosa International Hotel in Mabolo and is open daily at these times: Monday-Saturday 10am-11pm; Sunday 2pm-11pm.

Sunday, 2pm Cafe serves a delightful twist to coffee, tea and toast.

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  1. Oh, we love it here. It's so quaint and lovely. Yeah, so lovely.


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