Tuesday, April 3, 2012

swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob or Donsol?

Before you hit the gas, here's a very important reminder: Code of Conduct, diving with the whale sharks

code of conduct courtesy: projectaware.org

The World Wide Fund for Nature also issued the following guidelines on how to handle the butanding/tuki or whale sharks.
  • do not touch or ride the whale shark
  • do not restrict the movement of the whale shark, or impede its natural path
  • maintain a distance of 3 meters from the head or body of the whale shark, and 4 meters from its tail
  • do not use flash photography
  • a maximum of 6 swimmers per whale shark is allowed, and only 1 boat per whale shark.

For those planning to visit Oslob in Cebu to swim with the whale sharks, here's a very detailed information: how to get there, how much are the fees plus more | swimming with the whalesharks by Doi of www.travellingfeet.com 

"The whale sharks (butanding in Tagalog or Tuk├« in Bisaya) have been around the place for quite some time now. Some say they’ve been passing by the waters of Oslob for 2 years while some say they’ve been there for a year. There are about 14 whale sharks in the area. The biggest whale shark is 27-feet long. Their so-called “feeding ground” was just a few meters off the shoreline. We could even see the fins of the giant creatures from the shoreline. We immediately rented a boat to reach the sighting area. For P200 per head, you can rent your own small fishing boat and get a boatman to bring you to the whale shark watching swimming area. One can easily swim to get near the whale sharks in Oslob but they say you have to pay the same rate once you get inside the sighting ground."--Doi of www.travellingfeet.com

For Donsol, Sorsogon, this link will give you a walk through for the whole experience. From arrival in Donsol, fees and other expenses, how to get to Donsol and where to stay in Donsol. There's also a bonus: information on other activities like firefly watching in Donsol. | Donsol, Sorsogon: whale shark watching travel guide by Claire of www.lakwateseradeprimera.com

"After the discovery of the whale sharks off the coast of Donsol in 1998, this sleepy fishing village had become one of the top tourist attractions of the Bicol Region. Local visitors and those from all over the world flock this once obscure town to interact with these amazing gentle giants. The area around Donsol is best known for one of the greatest concentrations of whale sharks in the world." Claire of lakwatseradeprimera.com

Always remember, ecotourism, sustainability and responsible tourism go hand in hand.
Have a safe trip!


  1. hope everyone will bear in mind the code of conduct when visiting Oslob or Donsol... i'm still not in favor of feeding the whale sharks and somewhat making them domesticated... i prefer sightings and letting them swim freely in the ocean... ^_^

    1. the stranded whale shark in boljoon, cebu might have been looking for handfeed krill. sad. very sad.

  2. It's great that you posted this Code of Conduct when diving or swimming with the whale sharks! Thanks a lot. This would surely remind a lot of people especially those tourists who plan to go to Donsol (Whale shark capital of the Philippines), to act accordingly when swimming or diving with them. Although they are known to be gentle animals, they also need to be treated well.


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