Monday, May 21, 2012

Anakatira Cebu Art Exhibition: a beautiful marriage between b&w photography and painting

two things very close to my heart: photography (and my advocacy in) education

I would like to share an inspiring exhibition I stumbled upon at the Rizal Museum Exhibition Hall last week. Interestingly, it shows how the art of black and white photography creates a happy marriage with painting.

Nine young scholars (who were formerly out-of-school-youths) were given ONE camera to share. The scholars were then released out in the world to experiment with the new medium. They were asked to document the world around them.

What do they see through the lens? What do they want to show us?

I met four of the nine scholars during my second visit. They are shown here with their art works.

Anakatira Cebu decided to revisit the origins of photography. Thus, the scholars have printed the pictures in black and white and then they painted on top, adding a touch of colour to a black and white world.

100% of the exhibition sales will go towards ANAKATIRA--a double impact scholarship program that requires the scholars to teach young children in need of special protection at Pari-an Drop-In Center as an exchange for their educational support.

Prior to the photography assignment, the scholars had undergone workshops with industry professionals-- highly esteemed faculty from the International Academy for Film and Television (IAFT) and the University of the Philippines Cebu College (UPCC) Fine Arts Department. (text adapted from Anakatira Info.)

two of my personal favorite artworks 

The art exhibition ended last Friday but you can still view and/or buy the beautiful artworks displayed at Budoy's (of Junior Kilat fame) Bar in Busay or at Pari-an Drop-In Center in downtown Cebu (look for Jessabel).

Colour PrintsA5 (5.75 x 8.25 inch) 400 PhpA4 (8.25 x 11.5 inch) 600 PhpA3 (11.5 x 18.5 inch) 800 Php 
Colour Prints with FrameA5 (5.75 x 8.25 inch) 1,500 PhpA4 (8.25 x 11.5 inch) 1,800 PhpA3 (11.5 x 18.5 inch) 2,000 Php 
Painted Pictures Framed(Gallery Selection)(12 x 18 inch) 2,500 Php
Large Colour Print Framed
(25 x 18.75 inch) 4,000 Php

Anakatira Cebu is the brainchild of Hongkong-based Danish Choreographer Christina Brandt Jensen (Anakatira Project Director; +852 9019 8640; anakatira(at)gmail(dot)com) in partnership with Cebu City Task Force on Street Children (032) 414-9004 fax: (032) 255-7937. How Ms. Jensen and these youths crossed their paths and how she coined the word Anakatira are interesting stories deserving another blog post.

social worker and concurrent Anakatira Project Manager Jessabel C. Tabares email: (jet_tabares(at)yaho(dot)com

scholars Albert Nercua (BSBA-UV), Raffy Medalla (BSBA-UV), Vernie Escaran (BSIT-CTU) and Alyssa Biazon (BSBA-USJ-R) 

Please spread the word.
Together let us help Anakatira in this noble project.


  1. Very nice art exhibition!!

    1. thank you. very nice indeed. by the way, you can still view (and buy) the artworks in Budoy's Bar or at Parian Drop-in Center. please spread the word


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