Monday, May 14, 2012

Sajaw Surigao 2012 in photos

My ID reads: PHOTOGRAPHER Sajaw Surigao 2012, a showdown of Surigao's festival

backstory: I arrived in Surigao City shortly after lunch. With 5 hours to burn before boarding time and a word from my friend Cathe Duero (before I left Cantilan town) about an ongoing Sajaw Surigao Festival in the city, my festival photographer's instinct told me to look for the contingent entrance (with the little bazooka 70-200 mm lens dangling in my neck).

The guard waved at me (or was he waving to somebody behind me?) and hollered something like "get in, get in" in Surigaonon. What a seamless entry to the stadium! 

A few steps toward the stage, I was surprised when somebody called "sir, sir." from behind. Inside my head, I said, patay! But guess what happened when I looked back? The lady handed me an all-access Sajaw Surigao 2012 photographer's ID. Priceless! :)

As soon as the program started, it rained. Crazy weather! 

Everyone in the contingent were left under the rain while the queens took shelter in the grandstand. I was beaming. Photo op!

The sky cleared up when it was Sen.Loren Legarda's turn to speak. hmmmmm.

Soon after, the showdown started! Here are some of the festival photos I took:

Sajaw Surigao sidelights:

It would have been a nightmare taking festival photos while lugging around my trolley bag. But there are angels in our midst. Thank you very much Ms. Sheila L. Erezo of Surigao's Best Tourism Office (address: Provincial Sports Complex, Rizal St., telephone number: 086.231.5055) for allowing me to leave my bag in your shop.

 By 6pm, I got my bag, stopped by Mang Inasal for my dinner take-out and headed straight to the pier.

By the way, these are the winners in Sajaw Surigao 2012:

SURIGAO CITY, May 14 (PIA) -- The ‘Panginabuhi-an sa Tagana-an’ Festival (Livelihood/source of living in Tagana-an town) outwit other eight contingents and walked away victorious in the first Sajaw Surigao Festival held Sunday, May 13 at the Provincial Sports Complex, this city.  
The event is one of the highlights in celebration of the 111th Founding Anniversary of Surigao on May 15, showcasing the unique culture, colorful history and convergence of festivals in the province of Surigao del Norte.  
Also named winner is the Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw Festival of Surigao City who placed second. The Kajawan Festival of the municipality of San Francisco was also named third place winner. 
Special awards for Best in Choreography and Musicality all went to the municipality of Tagana-an while the Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw contingent was awarded Best in Costume. --info lifted from

Marajaw karajaw! (all is good!)


  1. hahaha so you've met Sheila, a good friend since high school... sayang lang jud wla ko kabalo ani nga event.. I know! shame on me.. :( bitaw gkan ko travel Sunday 2am ko kauli that's why.

    1. very nice little city with equally nice and friendly people :)
      this is what i love about small cities: everybody knows everybody. hihi

  2. excellent photos! Surigao is beautiful..

    1. and definitely it's more fun in Surigao :)
      so many islands i haven't explored yet. hopefully, soon!

    2. thanks for stopping by Ephraim!

  3. Hala, na miss q to RV, nag Gigaquit kmi nung week end;( ganda ng mga photos, nganga aq sa kulay;)

    1. thanks Jeff :)
      baka may maabutan ka pa na mga colorful events diyan

  4. Taganaan won first place, surigao city naman an second place, nakalimot na ako sa iban hehehe.. didto sab ako likod ra ako nan mga photographers, nakitungko sa hagdan..good for you ha nakasuyod nan way hassle


    1. thank you for the infor Venz. marajaw karajaw! :)


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