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Ayoke Island | secret beach in the Philippines

For sometime, Ayoke Island enjoyed the seclusion.

Isolated from mainland Surigao in Mindanao and right  in the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Ayoke is an oracle for the soul-searching nomad or a playground for the restlessness of youth. Depending on one's persuasion, Ayoke Island is an adventure button waiting to be pressed.

Pacific Ocean: Ayoke Island has the perfect elements for a Robinson Crusoesque adventure. The view from the torre 

Long before the buzz about Ayoke gained momentum in the backpacking radar, the island has already been home to a couple of retired expats. And each summer and habagat season, local sunworshippers and surfers in search of new territories come to the island to wag their boundless energy in Ayoke's surf breaks.

National media came and introduced Ayoke Island to the world. They brought with them not only media mileage but goodwill in forms of surfing and paddling lessons (among others) for the out-of-school youth in the island. Well-known surfing instructor Paolo Soler came by and shared his time with the local kids.

The buzzword in the local surfing community is that Ayoke has excellent surf breaks. I was unlucky because during my visit, the Pacific Ocean was very calm. What greeted me was an equally interesting new hobby: paddling (on top the surfboard). The kiddos looked so swift!

There isn't any accommodation in the island. For travelers who want to spend a night or more in Ayoke, a tent should come in handy. In the future, a home-stay program will be put in place. So word of caution: Ayoke Island is not for the jaded tourist.

For the local kids, Ayoke Island is happiness:
fun-loving kids in the island
Ayoke is an adventure! Ayoke is a rough play!
If you have traveled extensively in the Philippine islands (we are talking about 7,000 + in the archipelago), chances are, the things you will find in Ayoke Island are very common to say the least--secret cove, white beach, riot of palm leaves, blue skies and clear water.

While patches of deserted white beach, swaying palms and eternal sunshine make a tropical island a perfect idyllic getaway, Ayoke Island offers something small islands in the edge of the Pacific Ocean doesn't have: supply of (sweet-tasting) springwater! This makes Ayoke Island an island like no other.

drinking water is distributed in the island from the source through PVC pipes
Ayoke Island residents get their power supply from the solar panels. While the sun is for free and the solar panels are donated by a foreign government, residents need to shell out an amount for maintenance. Some houses still use gas lamps since not all residents can afford the monthly fee of Php220.00. 

The island, grouped into two barangays, has a population of about a hundred. The main source of income of the people are fishing, farming (copra) and banca-making. During stormy weather when it's difficult to get supplies of rice from the mainland, kulo or breadfruit endemic in Ayoke Island becomes the residents staple food.  

In time for the school opening in June, Gawad Kalinga through the initiative of Cantilan Bank, Inc. and Cantilan Bank Foundation, came to improve the only school in Ayoke and to help restore a dilapidated classroom.

photo courtesy: Catherine Duero
Different sectors in the society also joined hands--the local government and different student governments from local colleges.


A good 15-20 minute walk uphill toward what the locals call tore (tower) is a good exercise for the body and yes, for the eyes. The top of the hill  offers a 360 degree amazing view of Ayoke Island!

Kaya mo yan, kid! :)

The other side of the island has a private beach which I really like.

Now that the secret is out, come visit Ayoke before everyone else does. Beyond the summer months of April and May, expect the waves to be ginormous in size! Just kidding.

How to go to Ayoke Island:

  • From Manila or Cebu, fly to Surigao City or Butuan City.
  • From Cebu by boat (daily except Sundays). Cokaliong (economy:P800; tourist:P1,025) ETD 7pm, ETA7am) and 2GO Travel. Overnight trip. Travel time is 12 hours.
  • From Surigao City pier, take the jeepney (P10.00) to city bus terminal. Take the Bachelor bus (P158.00) with Tandag signboard or v-hire to Cantilan (P180.00). Travel time 3-4 hours. 
  • From Butuan, there's a once a day trip Cantilan in the morning. Or catch the van from Surigao City at Badass junction. Last trip to Cantilan is 2:00pm.
  • From Davao: Davao-San Francisco-Tandag-Cantilan

Ayoke can be accessed through Cantilan town in Surigao del Sur.

There is no regular schedule between Cantilan town proper and Ayoke Island. Schedule is highly dependent on the weather and the islanders need to replenish supplies like rice and other goods for the island's sari-sari stores. 

The usual jump-off point is Cantilan Wharf behind the town wet market. Travel time is between 30-40 minutes. There is no fixed fare. According to the locals, depende lang sa sabut. Php50.00 per way on average. The other option is the privately owned Banug Wharf at Hotchkiss Learning Center. 

While I was in Cantilan, I saw a crawling ad on CATV about a boat for hire for Surigao island hopping in General Island and Ayoke Island. Do check with Cantilan Municipal Tourism. The office might have a listing of service providers.   


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  2. Wow! just heard of this place..
    really inviting, looks like a good place to do an outreach activity too. :)

    1. the island is the kind that grows on me. you will love it there i'm sure. it's a nice place to pay it forward too, Francis. the locals in the island would welcome any form of "sustainable" assistance.

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