Saturday, June 9, 2012

Direct international flights from Iloilo to Hongkong and Singapore

Iloilo City, the gateway to Panay and the world-famous Boracay Island (only 4 hours by bus), will just be a flight away from Hongkong or Singapore beginning October this year.

I am elated to see that this development is one of the last pieces of the puzzle to connect the Philippines to the rest of Indochina or Southeast Asia backpacking trail. 

The pocket open skies policy makes it possible for flights from Korea, Singapore, Thailand and other areas to land in Iloilo Airport on direct international flights said DOTC Secretary Manuel Roxas.

Budget carrier Cebu Pacific Air has already signified interest to mount a four times a week flight from Iloilo to Hongkong (v.v) and thrice a week Iloilo to Hongkong (v.v) flights. Plane tickets to these flights can be booked beginning July.

Cebu Pacific Air will also open flights from Iloilo to Puerto Princesa City in Palawan. This is a welcome news for many budget travelers or backpackers who want to visit El Nido and Coron in Palawan from Boracay Island but are pressed for time. 

Iloilo to Palawan (via Cuyo) connection is currently served by a slow boat which takes 36 hours of sailing across the Sulu Sea.

latest update
Flight schedule of Cebu Pacific Air from Iloilo to General Santos, Hongkong, Puerto Princesa (Palawan), Singapore and Cagayan de Oro (vice-versa) beginning...

November 8, 2012
  • Iloilo - Gen. Santos (Tue-Thu-Sat-Sun) 1415-1535
  • Gen. Santos-Iloilo (Tue-Thu-Sat-Sun) 1605-1720 
  • Iloilo -  Hongkong (Thu-Sun) 2310-0135(+1)
  • Hongkong - Iloilo (Fri-Mon) 0220-0445
November 9, 2012
  • Iloilo - Puerto Princesa (Palawan) (Mon-Wed-Fri) 0745-0850
  • Puerto Princesa (Palawan) - Iloilo (Mon-Wed-Fri) 0920-1025 
  • Iloilo - Singapore (Mon-Wed-Fri) 2225-0155(+1)
  • Singapore - Iloilo (Tue-Thu-Sat) 0240-0610


  1. Your Blog is FUNNY! why the Hell tourist will go to Boracay or Palawan Passing far ILOILO where there is Puerto Princesa and Kalibo International Airport wake up little suzie! Market your OWN.

    1. @anonymous: With due respect, have you ever heard of multi-destination and low-cost? (read:HK-Iloilo-Boracay-Iloilo-Palawan or vice-versa?) I did Boracay via Iloilo because it was a lot cheaper. Besides, Iloilo is an awfully nice destination to swing by en route to Boracay. FYI: a lot my couchsurfing friends do that.

      If I want to burn more cash, I'd rather fly from Manila straight to Caticlan and not Kalibo.

      Not for nothing but read again the last two lines of this blog entry. Thanks! --RV

    2. bitter crab!?

  2. Anonymous No.1, you are only proving that people from your place - the supposed sugar capital of the Philippines - is actually full of bitter (not sweet) people. You are just envious of Iloilo's pace of development and its status as regional capital. Why don't you create your own region (Region 6.5?) yourself, sans Neg. Or.?

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