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How much is the terminal fee and travel tax at NAIA?

Say hello to a seamless flow inside Philippine airports.

Effective 1st of August 2012, domestic passengers don't have to make a beeline to the terminal fee booth as domestic terminal fees (Php200) will be included in the tickets. International terminal fees (Php550) however will still be paid at the airport.  

terminal fee rates across the country:
Ninoy Aquino International Airport Manila (NAIA)

International departure: Php 550
Domestic departure: Php 200

Mactan International Airport-Cebu
International departure: Php 550
Domestic departure: Php 200

F. Bangoy International Airport-Davao
International departure: Php 550
Domestic departure: Php 200

Clark International Airport-Pampanga
International departure: Php 600
Domestic departure: Php 200

Local Domestic Airports (from Batanes to Jolo)
Php 20 or 30.

Philippine Travel Tax Information:

Who is required to pay the Philippine Travel Tax?
The following individuals are subject to pay the travel tax before or upon departure:

1. Filipino Citizens
2. Permanent Resident Visa Holders of:
    2.1. Immigrant Visa – Quota (13)
    2.2. Immigrant Visa – Non-Quota Permanent
           Resident (13A)
    2.3. Children of Immigrant Mothers (13B and C)
    2.4. Returning Filipino Resident (13D)
    2.5.Returning Resident (13E)
    2.6. Returning Former Filipino Citizen (13G)
    2.7. Temporary Resident Visa (13A)
    2.8. Foreigners covered by Alien Social
           Integration Act of 1995 (RA 7919)
    2.9. Recognition as Filipino Citizen (RC / RFC)
    2.10. Permanent Resident (RA 7837)
3. Non-immigrant visa holders who have stayed in the Philippines more than a year.
Note: Non-immigrant visa holders who have stayed in the Philippines less than one year and tourists are not subject to pay the travel tax.

The taxes paid will be divided among the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Commission for Higher Education (CHED), and the General Fund of the National Government for government programs.

How much is the Philippine Travel Tax?
Travel Tax Rates
Tax Class1stClass Passage  2nd Class Passage
Full Rate       Php 2,700 Php 1,620
Standard Reduced Rate   Php 1,350Php 810
Privileged Reduced Rate for Overseas Contract Workers’ Dependents    Php 400  Php 300

NEW! Processing fee = Php 200.00/ per certificate

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  1. RV, i heard that if I pay a TIEZA fee for the kids here locally (dumaguete), then I will get a discount at the airport for their travel tax 50% off per child. Now, I called the airport and the tourism office here, they don't know anything about the TIEZA fee. asa ta mobayad ani???? -antot


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