Monday, June 18, 2012

Kalikaf is your healthy food option in Dumaguete

It's difficult to put the words healthy, Filipino and food in one sentence. 

Health food (or at least not the usual fried-oily Filipino or American food) I must admit, is difficult to find in small university town Dumaguete.

The first and last restaurant in town decent enough to serve healthy food, a Persian restaurant, has since folded up. That left me with no choice but wolf on the usual fried-oily-fatty fare whenever I am in town.

But before my cholesterol level skyrockets yet again to an epic proportion between bites, a new restaurant offering slow cooked food (as opposed to fastfood) had a low-key opening early this year. I swing by to check out what the place has to offer.

The tastefully decorated interior is hard to miss. Chic and artsy are written all over the place.

I came in during the Kalikaf Sunday dinner buffet (reasonably priced at Php200/person; drinks included). The menu selection was limited but nevertheless offered heaps of fish and pasta dishes.

There was soup for starter but I skipped it and had garden salad with fresh olives instead. The first dish that made its way to my plate was the fish fillet with tausi and yes, I got hooked. Juicy goodness with the right amount of Pinoy flavor to it. Just perfect. I couldn't help but dash to the buffet table to get another helping.

Being discriminating not to put anything sweet to go with my rice, I was hesitant to try the sweet and sour fish at first. But the sweet-sour blend with a hint of sesame and spiciness to it made the dish an instant winner. I became a convert. 

The last dish I tried (to which I purposely tried last for the reason of its weird name) was fruit salad pasta. The pasta was a tad saggy but the rich fruity flavor of mango with just the right restrained hint of basil really grew on me. By far, this is my favorite dish and I would like recreate this one at home pretty soon.     

My meal ended with mango cake sliced in cute squares for dessert. It was lacking in the creamy kick that I was anticipating. The bottom of the serving was frozen making my teeth sensitive to the last few bites.

It didn't end there. My meal actually ended with a complimentary tall cup of jackfruit coffee. Healthy goodness.

Between Sunday lunch and dinner buffets, Kalikaf offers a variety of healthy food options in their menu. From vegetarian pizza to squash bread to seafood bounties like kinilaw, gambas and the Filipino comfort food tinola, just to name a few. 

Kalikaf restaurant advocates healthy food and lifestyle and it promises to deliver only the select and freshest ingredients which are sourced out locally thereby reducing carbon footprints.

my verdict: 
food   **** 
ambience *****
service **** (look for Fatima. she's by far the most efficient wait staff there)
value ***

***** spforks being the highest

Slow food revolution is catching up this side of the country and it's finding its way to Dumaguete City!

Indulge without the guilt.

Kalikaf is located in the Al Fresco Area of Robinson's Place Dumaguete. The area can be easily accessed through the back parking area or the mall back door. It's located just across Go Hotel Dumaguete.


  1. lovely place... really lovely... :-) will definitely visit pag napadpad kami dun... :-)

    1. cool! sige, let me know if napadpad ka dito sa Dumaguete :)


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