Sunday, July 15, 2012

artsy Jutz Cafe in Dumaguete

Bohemian. That's what this quaint Dumaguete cafe is to me. The entrance, adding more drama to its artsy persuasion, is partly obscured by vines reaching for the sun.

Housed in an ancestral duplex apartment that has retained much of its 60s character, the cafe has the perfect vibe that I dig. I love old things!

One goes through a double swing french door, with frames painted in screaming neon green. Inside, to the right, is a wall made of bricks that screams of one conversation piece: motorcycle shock absorber painted in fire-engine red that hangs by the brick wall.

The counter, lit by neon lights, floods a quarter of the floor area with a steady flow of neon green color. Two paintings, which are (by the way) for sale, adorn the walls.

Now, going back to why I am writing this entry. I fell in love the first time I dined in this cafe. It used to be called Boston Market. The framed black and white photos they hang back then had me at hello. That was sometime in 2008. I still love its old name though. It has more character to it. The chairs has long been replaced with a more retro piece. The cafe used to have a unique set of chairs that looked like a post, post-modern throne (made of plywood). The plates were a healthy mix of china in different earth colors. And the dish that always brings me back here? garlic fish fillet.

I don't know what secret ingredients they put on the dish but it tastes damn nothing short of divine for me. It's not only the fresh fish, loads of garlic and soy sauce that does the trick. I'm very sure of that. There's a hint of basil, thyme, rosemary.

I always pair it with (thanks goodness it's the season!) avocado shake!

And then, the good memories of me and W's after dinner drinks of either red wine or cuba libre when she visited town on a regular basis.

Aside from garlic fish fillet which has, by default, become my comfort food, there are also other delectable dishes worth of an honorable mention: Tuscan pork chop, Salisbury steak and the only food W can partake and which made me an instant convert: vegetarian kebab!

Jutz Cafe is located along Santa Catalina Street, just across Foodnet. Just a block away from Lee Plaza or Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City.


  1. i went inside to inquire if they have wifi... wala daw e xD... the tree dog (or dog tree) in front was a cute piece of art still ^_^

    1. oh, yeah! that cute little art installation outside!


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